Sunday, September 11, 2022

Friday and Saturday.....

 7:34 am - Saturday - September 10th - Likely, CA - 52° F, 13% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the south.....we've got a little smokey haze on the doubt from the wildfire west of us.  The forecast high for today is 95° F.  On this date in 2012 TLE and I were in Rock Springs, WY at the local Walmart for an overnight stay......↴


We went for a third morning walk in as many mornings doing the out and back walk to Jess Valley Road once again.  I didn't run the Strava program this time, but we did make the round trip walk in under 34 minutes, so I'm assuming we averaged around 3.6 mph.

A little later in the morning we drove over to the putting green to practice for the putting contest on Saturday.  I putted pretty well, but TLE hasn't putted for 3 weeks, and was a little rusty.  

Due to some wildfires in the area the skies were a little hazy, so that's as much as we did outside the rest of the day.


We began our day for the fourth consecutive day with another out and back walk to Jess Valley Road.  I did run the Strava program, and we did pretty well......


.....the putting contest was held at 3 pm Saturday since we also had the Employee and Member 'Thank You!' dinner at 5 pm.  There were 30 entrants in the putting contest, and it was all single elimination.  I putted as well as I have in weeks, and got to the semi-final (4th) round before I win away from the final....doh!

.....we had a subdued sunset around 7:05 wasn't long ago the sun was setting at 8:05 pm.  Saturday was also the second week of NCAA college football, and I was able to watch much of the USC v. Stanford game, which USC won handily 41-28.....14 of Stanford's 28 points were scored in the last 10 minutes, so it wasn't really as close as the score might indicate.

We are now less than one month from our finish date (October 9th) can that be?

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