Sunday, September 29, 2013

As The World Turns.....

Just when you think you've got your ducks lined up, and the next three weeks planned out, you get a call which scatters your "ducks" all to "hell and gone". 

While TLE was shopping yesterday morning she received a call from Duane Peters, our agricultural manager at Sugar Valley, asking if we (the two of us) would consider moving over to the "Factory" location in Sidney to do what we were going to be doing at the Sugar Valley location......they were short two people there.  The catch?  You know there is always a catch, or a string attached, right?  The catch....the wrinkle......the string attached is we would be working the 7 PM to 7 AM shift........hmmmm.

I'm glad TLE waited until she returned home to tell me about the "offer", because she, apparently, caught me at just the right I was considering what she had just told me I heard this seemingly disembodied voice saying "Sure, let's do it".  Wait.....what?  Did I say that out loud?  Seriously, though I really liked working the night shift at Amazon......I liked not having to get up at the crack of dawn to go to work in the dark, and returning home in the dark that evening.  We both spent a large part of our workaday lives getting up at the "butt crack of dawn", and that really doesn't appeal to me anymore.  As much as I liked working at the INDY 500, the one thing I didn't like was getting up at 4 am for 16 straight days.  We talked about it for a few minutes....both deciding we actually like that schedule even better than the 10 am to 10 pm shift.  So, I told her to call Duane back and tell him "YES!".  

Within an hour of TLE giving Duane our answer we got a call from Vanessa at the "Factory" giving us the details of our new location and shift.  The "Factory" is only 2 miles from where we are staying so we're going to save 20 miles of driving a day.  TLE will work in the scale house, and I will be a rover giving people breaks, plus I will be operating a piler, and will learn how to operate a Bobcat......this just keeps getting better and better!  Vanessa said she would drop by the RV ghetto to meet us in person, and answer our questions.  She arrived within 30 minutes and we talked to her for about 20 minutes.  She seems like a very nice person, and I think we'll get along just fine!

Bobcat front loader

So now, just like Amazon, we will wake up in the afternoon to daylight, have the rest of the afternoon to get ready for work, work our 12 hour shift, then come home around 7 am......when it's light again.  Vanessa says the night shift is a little less hectic......fewer trucks, etc, and that we will have time to read, etc.  Plus, we won't be on our feet for 12 straight hours.

Around 2 pm all of us here in the RV ghetto at the Richland County Fairgrounds gathered down in site #2 for a potluck, and a chance to meet everyone.  It was nice at first....sunny, windless.......but unfortunately the wind came up shortly after the potluck began throwing a lot of dust into the air, into our food, and into our eyes making it difficult to carry on a conversation, so after about 45 minutes we gave up and headed "home".

Of course Saturday is NCAA Football, and there were a number of interesting games to watch.  The first one was Nortre Dame vs. Oklahoma (Sooners).......OU won handily 35-21, so I know our friends the Reganalls (Muskogee, OK) will be very, very happy.  

Late in the afternoon my blogger friend, Brian Gore (Goin' RV Boondocking), came over to talk, and we (he, TLE and I) talked for a couple of hours about everything under the proverbial sun.  As it turns out Brian and Heidi will be working at the "Factory" also, albeit different hours (10 am to 10 pm), but our shifts will have about 3 hours of overlap, so we'll be spending more time with them.  I'm currently reading Brian's latest western, Shadow on the Mountain, on my Kindle, and we spent some time talking about the main character, Ben Jensen, and how he seems to resemble, somewhat, Brian....we had a good time kidding him about that.

Brian left around 7 pm, and we settled back into reading, and, in my case, watching more NCAA Football.  I called it quits around 10 pm heading to bed, while TLE continued reading....I'm not sure when she came to bed, as I was fast asleep within minutes.

One more day until we begin working for a living again.....our first 12 hour shift starts Monday at 7 pm!

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  1. i love driving a bobcat. they are so easy and fun to use. in fact i was looking last nite at how much a used one costs....ha

  2. Tom, that doesn't surprise me at all.....