Thursday, September 19, 2013

Me: "It's good to be moving again....." - TLE - "Yeah...."

Four weeks, and 1 day after we arrived in Coeur d'Alene we were once again moving.......originally we had planned to leave between 11 am and Noon, however, the weather guessers told us it would be a 70% chance of rain by 11.  Well, I'm sure you feel the same way we do about packing up to leave in the rain.....not one of our favorite things, and regretfully we have done our share of that.  So, with that in mind we began in earnest to complete preparations for departure.  

By 10 am we were out on the street hooking up the coach to the trailer, and then loading the T-Bird.  By 10:15 am we were merging on to I-90 eastbound.   Our destination for the day was Missoula, a town we have overnighted in 4, or 5 times previously.

The heavy overcast we woke up to Wednesday continued all the way to Missoula, and we got rain as we crossed first over 4th of July Pass, then Lookout Pass, but as we descended on the east side of each pass the rain quickly disappeared.  We were only driving 166 miles.....a little far for we stopped at a Rest Area at about the 60 mile mark, and then again with about 44 miles to go.  At the second one there was a National Forest Campground attached to the Rest Area, so we put on warm clothes (it was about 53 degrees) and took a 1.1 mile walk around the campground.  It was very nice to take a walk in temperatures under 60 degrees again...that is my favorite walking weather.

Of course, once again we are in Mountain time so we had to advance our clocks 1 hour.  We arrived without event in Missoula at around 3:30 pm at the Cracker Barrel where we planned to spend the night.  This Cracker Barrel has the largest pull through sites of any Cracker Barrel we have ever stayed at.....they actually are long enough for us and the trailer!

Around 5 pm we walked over to the MacKenzie River Pizza company, which is just across the street from the Cracker Barrel, for dinner.  We weren't too hungry so we split a Flathead Pizza, and took about a third of it home.

I had a stiff neck that had been bothering me most of the day, so when we got back to the coach so I took a nap, then read for a while.  TLE rubbed some Tigers Balm on my neck, and that combined with a neck rub helped a lot.  We turned on the TV around 9 pm and watched the X-Factor, and then were in bed by 11.

Thursday we will drive 110 miles to meet up with our very, very good friends the McClouds near Anaconda, MT where there are reputably some wonderful hot springs.

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