Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I know, you think I spelled the title of this post incorrectly, but the spelling is deliberate.  The folks who are hosting us for the sugar beet harvest created a Facebook page called "The Unbeetable Experience" which serves as a "clearing house" for information regarding the beet harvest.  It has been quite helpful to us, and we appreciate all the information provided.  For those of our readers who also spend a lot of time living on the road in their RV's and are looking for an occasional "workamper" job, follow along as I blog daily about our experience at the sugar beet harvest....we start working Monday.

Tuesday we began in earnest putting the rest of our stuff away.......the weather guessers predicted rain by 1 pm, so we wanted to be mostly done with the outside work by then.  While TLE worked inside, I wiped off the outside of the coach.  It was especially dirty due to the dust storm the other night followed by rain, and there is no way I could take our "baby" out in public looking such a mess.  Fortunately, I've been using a new product called Firecoat to clean, and wax the coach since the Newell Gurus Mini Rally in Spearfish, SD.  The result is all I had to do was take a micro fiber towel and wipe the dirt water necessary!  Within an hour or so the entire coach looked like it had been washed and waxed again.

As usual the weather guessers guessed wrong, and the rain did not come until much later, but that was a good thing.....sometimes their bad guesses redound to our benefit.  We kept watching the skies, and paced ourselves accordingly taking occasional breaks.  It's amazing how much stuff comes out when you sit in one place for a month!

We'll pull into the street and hook up the trailer once again....

By late afternoon all I had left to do, which will be done Wednesday morning, was empty and flush the "black" tank, top off the fresh water tank, and then unhook the utilities.  We are only going as far as Missoula Wednesday (163 miles) so we'll probably leave closer to 11 am, or Noon.

The weather has certainly cooled off significantly these past two days, and as we move eastward it will continue to be in the 60's, and 70's for the next 10 days based on the best guesses by the weather guessers.  The rain finally came around 5 pm, and it rained on and off until close to's been a while since I went to bed hearing rain on the roof.....what a lovely sound!

We spent the evening reading, and by 10 we were both in bed.  I've taken to watching an episode of Fasier before falling asleep.  I had forgotten how well written, and funny that show was.  Unfortunately for TLE I laughed out loud several times catching her as she was just dropping off to sleep, and rightfully earned her disappointed retort.

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  1. Which color Firecoat are you using?
    I'm still using the Wash/Wax that Rudy gave us samples of.
    Cindy and I are addicted to Frasier and usually watch a couple shows before bed.

  2. Forest, between you, me and the fence post, I use them interchangeably. I know each one is supposed to do something different, but I can't tell the difference. All I know is it works.


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