Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to regular programming.....

8:59 am - Monday - Awoke to very cloudy skies this that's a change!  Temps will be in the 70's for the next week......looking forward to the cooler temps.

We were up a little after 6 am Sunday, walking across the street to Schat's Bakery by 7:15 to buy a couple cups of coffee and some pastry.....TLE had a croissant and I an apple fritter.  We sat for 30 minutes talking about our weekend, and then headed back to our motel to pack our stuff in the car.  We were in the VW rolling northward on US-395 for home listening to one great tune after another on Sirius-XM Classic Vinyl just before 8:30 am, and rolling into Carson City 90 minutes later.  The drive was totally uneventful, but the scenery and music were spectacular!    

We picked up a few things at Trader Joe's, fueled up at Costco ($2.39/gallon for premium) and then headed for Supercuts where I had my ears lowered before we headed up US-50 over Spooner Summit and back into the Tahoe Basin.  We arrived home just before 1 pm, and were unpacked and relaxing in advance of our afternoon/evening shift 20 minutes later.

We watched the USA men whip Serbia by 30 points in the gold medal basketball game, the last official sporting event of the 2016 Rio Olympics, took a nap, and reported for duty at 3:25 pm.  In some ways if felt like we hadn't been gone for almost 3 days.......

Back in the saddle

.....the park is still quite empty....still hovering around 50% occupancy.  TLE says we have 182 arrivals on the Friday leading into the Labor Day weekend, so I looks like we'll be close to 100% for 3-4 days, and then things will really get empty.

All evening we had thunder and lightning, but no rain other than sprinkles here and there.....I was sure it was going to rain.  We were off by 11 pm.......just not enough to keep us busy for our full 8 hour shift.  I had to quiet down folks in a couple of sites, but by the time we arrived home just after 11 the park was quiet.

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