Saturday, August 27, 2016

Prevent defense....

8:01 am - Saturday - 38 F degrees as I type.....we have definitely turned a corner weather wise here in SLT.....six of the next 10 days will have lows in the 30's......we have three more days with highs in the low 80's then the temps drop into the 70's, with one day in the 60's.  Once again the sun is out, the sky is deep cobalt blue, and there is no wind....perfect is as perfect does.  The English Premier Soccer League is back in full swing and I have a game between Chelsea & Burnley playing in the is good.

Our VW has been at Higher Ground Autoworx all week getting the right front axle replaced, an exhaust leak fixed, and a new battery.  Every year we come to TVC we take the VW into John to get a 'State of the Beetle' report.  It has 137,000 miles on it, and we don't want any surprises when we travel during the winter.  Better to replace/repair things when it is your choice, and not when you are stranded on the side of the road 100 miles from anywhwere.  At any rate I got a call from John Thursday afternoon advising the Beetle was ready to be picked up so I rode my Bad Boy over Friday morning to pay my bill and bring her home.  It ended up costing under $700 for everything....I was expecting about double that.  As you know, in spite of anyone's best efforts to do preventative maintenance things still can break, such as our fuel pump going out two winters ago in Mexican Hat, UT.  In our 4.5 years on the road we have only been stranded that one time in either our car, or the Newell so I think it is safe to say our efforts at preventative maintenance have had good results so far.

After returning to TVC I drove the VW down to the maintenance yard to give her a much overdo bath.  Upon my return I set about assembling my new 'truing stand' for bicycle wheels.  In the past I trued my wheels on the bike, but you can only get the big 'wobbles' out that way.....the only way to really get a wheel straight again is to use a 'truing stand'......

......I've got a couple of friends who need their wheels trued, so I am looking forward to breaking in this new toy!

We reported for our shift at 3:30 pm to a slightly busier park....we had some 65 arrivals scheduled for the day bringing us close to 50% occupancy again.  With more people in the park I stayed much busier and the time passed much more quickly.  I helped a gentleman trying to get our cable TV to play on his TV, there were a few noise issues, and just generally a lot of running running errands for the office staff (TLE & Morgan).  I spent about an hour fixing the headlight on the ranger cart which has ceased working the night before.  I ended up running a new power wire from the battery to the light switch and there was light once again.

As a result of the busier nature of the park TLE and I did not clock out until 11:30 pm.  After 10 days of not enough to do it was nice to have a lot to do again.

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  1. Preventive maintenance sure pays off. Get things fixed when it is convenient rather than when they break down.
    Soon time for you to head south away from that colder weather that will be there.

    1. We'll be here well into October, and it will begin to get much colder.

    2. We'll be here well into October, and it will begin to get much colder.


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