Sunday, August 28, 2016

Closing circles.....

8:26 am - Sunday - Sunny, 41 F degrees, cloudless, windless, blue skies.....situation normal.  

We decided to drive over to the South Lake Tahoe Flea Market around 10 am......we haven't been for a few weeks, and we haven't been on a Saturday for a long time.  We drove because we both felt we would find something we couldn't live without, and if that something were big enough we would need more than our bikes.  I'm always looking for tools, and there is a guy there who always has good used tools he has cleaned up nicely.  I found a couple of impact driver sockets, a couple of files, a metric tap and die set, and a 'C' clamp.....

......the ironic part is in the picture below the top 'C' clamp I bought 45 years ago.....I only bought one then.....when I was going through this guy's tools Saturday I saw a couple of small 'C' clamps (both made by different manufacturers) and being the symmetrical kind of guy that I am I thought I should buy a second one to go with the one I already had.......the one I bought yesterday, just by coincidence, was manufactured by the same company!!  Another circle closed.......the total cost for everything was $15.50......

45 year old 'C' clamp on top......the one I bought Saturday below!

......while we were at the flea market I got a text advising my new Nixon Chronograph watch had been delivered to the office, so after making a stop at Raley's for some groceries we stopped off at the office to pick up my watch.....

.......I haven't bought an expensive watch in fact I have been divesting myself of my watch collection.  My inspiration for this purchase is my son-in-law, Rod......he has one similar to this one, which I have admired for a long time.  This is the biggest watch I have ever looks as big as the clock on the wall, right? I am a happy boy!

We reported for our shift at 3:30 pm, and could tell immediately Saturday was a much busier day than we have experienced for a fortnight.  I was called almost immediately out to a site with a bad 30 amp breaker, which I replaced, then out to two other sites with cable TV issues.  It turned out they both had bad cables, and once they were replaced reception was restored.....weird that two cables would go bad almost simultaneously.

Saturday night was 'Live Music' evening, and we had a gentleman playing the ukulele.......

.......he didn't have a big crowd, but they were enthusiastic.

After the initial flurry of activity things settled down and we were able to punch the clock by 11:06 pm bringing to an end another great SLT Saturday!

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  1. Many times I have encountered problems with campground cable reception. I'm never sure if it's my system or the campground. Briefly how do you troubleshoot the situation? Enjoy your blog and appreciate your effort to post daily.

    1. Hi Frank! We have a small color Sony TV designed specifically for this purpose. I plug it in directly to the cable box to see if it's our problem. If I get a good picture then I connect it to their cable to see if that is the problem.


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