Friday, August 19, 2016

The 'bear' facts.....

8:31 am - Friday - Up is getaway day.....headed south to Mammoth Mountain in a couple of hours!  Greeted by another cloudless what else is new?

Thursday was another warm day.....the high was 85.  I worked on the bike of one belonging to the son of Miguel (head ranger).....the rear wheel was out of true causing it to rub constantly against the rear brake.  I readied my mountain bike stuff (shoes, body armor, tools, etc.) for our trip south all the while watching the USA women indoor volleyball game versus Serbia.  Serbia won the tie breaking set 15-13, so the USA women will play for the bronze.....a very disappointing loss!

We reported for our shift at 3:28 pm to find things very, very quiet......another quiet day/night.....only 36 departures, with 52 arrivals for Thursday.  The park stands at 55% occupancy and will not get much higher this weekend.  I spent time outside watering the grass by the horseshoe pits, the swimming pool, the front entrance island, and the island at the entrance to the group sites.  We're hoping our work this summer to get grass growing again will payoff next spring

Our local brown bears have been very active the past week.....I have seen at least one bear every single night lately, the most startling was when we pulled up to the restrooms in Section E Wednesday night about 10:30 pm.....just as I stopped the cart I heard a loud 'CLUNK', and asked TLE if she heard it.......we both turned around to find a 500 lb. brown bear sitting on top of one of the dumpsters.....less than 10 feet away.  Yup, our brown bears are 'dumpster divers', and very good at it. Fortunately, they are not very aggressive, and do not break into cars, RV's, or tents, but they love our dumpsters!

We are back to a full moon here in the Tahoe Basin.....caught this shot about 11:15 pm last night......

......Thursday night was very slow, and we ended up clocking out about 11:10 pm.....everything quiet, and yes one more bear sighting near the office/store just before we clocked out.

We're off to Mammoth within 2 hours......yay for us!  Thanks for stopping by!

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