Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Eye for an eye.......

6:50 am - Tuesday - May 21st - Ramona, CA - 52° F, 87% humidity (drizzly right now), wind 3 mph out of the southwest.......cloudy, rainy today with a forecast high of 58° F.  The view this morning.......↴

Beginning to feel like Maine.....another rainy day

Monday was the day of my followup appointment with Pacific Eye Institute in Upland, CA to see how my surgically repaired right eye is healing.  This would be our first long drive in the VW since we replaced the fuel pump on Saturday, but our confidence was high.

We left on our two hour drive to Upland around 9 am, and arrived at PEI right at 11:05 am.....perfect.  I was called into see the optometrist exactly at 11:30 am, and TLE and I were on our way over to my son's office by 11:50 am.  I hadn't seen Chris since my heart attack, so it was good to hang out with him for a few minutes, pick up a few things from the Warehouse (my mountain bike shoes for one) and then head back home.  We left Chris' office by 12:30 pm, and were back in Ramona by 2:20 pm.....we made great time, and the entire round trip drive was uneventful.  We stopped off at Stater Brothers to pick up a few grocery items, and were back at RORVR by 2:45 pm.

TLE fixed me a snack (we hadn't had lunch), and then I drove the car up to the trailer so I could vacuum out the interior.  Now that the trailer is not hooked up to electricity all the time I must deploy our Honda 2000 generator to power up everything, including the ShopVac.  It's the first time I've powered up the trailer in a couple of weeks, and it felt good to putter around, vacuum out the VW and then set up my Workmate® portable work bench and bolt my bench grinder to it for the first time since Southwest Harbor last summer.  I also pulled out all of my sockets for my socket wrenches and other tools I only deploy when we are going to be somewhere for a long duration.  I was back at the Newell just before 5 pm.

Oh, by the by, the optometrist said my eye is healing just fine, thank you, and the vision in my right eye is almost equal to my left eye now.  He asked me to return one more time on June 10th for my final post op checkup.  

If all things had been equal, and I hadn't had a heart attack, the earliest we could have left for Alaska would have been June 11th.  Our original plan called for us to meet our traveling partners on June 1st in Dawson Creek, BC, Canada.  Had we been able to leave for Alaska from Fontana, CA on May 1st as had been our plan we would have been somewhere in the middle of nowhere when I had my heart attack.....sometimes plans get changed for one reason, and it ends up being the right thing to have done for a completely different set of circumstances.  I'm happy we were flexible enough not to press ahead with our original plans, and that I was near an excellent medical facility when I had the attack.  Who knows how things would have turned out otherwise, right?

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