Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Heart to heart......

6:4 am - Wednesday - May 22nd - Ramona, CA - 51° F, 90% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the southwest.....raining today with a forecast high of 59° F.....the view today......↴

It rained overnight, but not very hard because we did not know it had been raining until we opened the curtains.  Tuesday I had a 9:30 am appointment to see my cardiologist, Dr. Mulvihill, at Arch Medical in Poway, CA.  I have been sort of anxiously awaiting this appointment to see if I could 1) return to work, and 2) if I was going to be okay.....not necessarily in that order.

We left RORVR around 8:20 am, and arrived at Arch Medical around 9 am.  There was not much waiting in the 'waiting room' fact I didn't have enough time to complete my paperwork before we were called in at 9:15 am.....15 minutes ahead of my appointment!  Within minutes I had been weighed, and had my pulse and blood pressure taken.  About 2 minutes later Dr. Mulvihill came through the door.  The answer to both questions was 'YES', and he said my heart sounded good, and I have been released to work again with only two running, which I never do when working, and no lifting anything over 25 pounds for the next 2 months.....perfect!  After composing a short note releasing me back to work Dr. Mulvihill said were were done for now.....I am scheduled to see him again in 2 months......we were out the door by 9:45 am.  

We haven't been to a movie for a long time for a number of reasons, but primarily because there really hasn't been anything we wished to see, but 'John Wick, Chapter 3 - Parabellum' had just been released on Friday (May 17th).  We've seen the first two chapters, and wanted to see how the series ended.  We liked it, and guess what?  Chapter 3 is not the end.....I'll leave it there.  Considering we went to the 10:30 am showing the theater was about 95% full....amazing for a Tuesday morning.  The theater (Angelika Film Center & Cafe, Poway, CA) was beautiful, and had a cafe, as well as the wonderful power recliners....what a way to see a movie!  The movie is about 2 hours and 10 minutes long, and is pretty much non-stop action from beginning to heart handled it just fine.

The drive home to Ramona up Highway 67 took about 10 minutes less than the drive down the rush hour this time.  We stopped off at Trader Joe's for some produce in Poway for some vegetables before heading home, but were still home before 2:30 pm.  Our managers, Rich and Marnie, were very happy to hear I had been released back to work as this weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  We have about 70 RV's checking in Friday, which will be our busiest Friday by a factor of 10 since we arrived.  The park is looking good after all the work that has been done the last 3 weeks, and we are ready for the summer season!

We enjoyed a quiet afternoon and evening, and were actually in bed by 9 pm......thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I read yesterday that they had just ok'ed making Wick #4 so I'm guessing he makes it thru #3 :-)
    It's good to hear you're doing well!


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