Friday, May 31, 2019

Stop the leaking!

8:01 am - Friday - May 31st - Ramona, CA - 56° F, 93% humidity, wind - CALM....foggy this morning with a forecast high of 77° F.....the view today.......↴

Thursday means pool vacuuming day here at RORVR, and after opening the storage area, and the Red Barn I headed over to the pool to test for PH and chlorine levels, clean out the skimmers, put a few hundred gallons in the pool, and then vacuum it.......

 Listening to some tunes

.....of course, the ducks made an appearance sometime during the night and left another deposit, so I had to retrieve the long hose from the tool shed to wash off the deck once again.  By the time I finished with the pool I had about an hour until lunch so I retrieved the pressure washer from the tool shed and took it up to sites 17, 18 and 19 to pressure wash the 3 picnic tables in those sites.  I finished just before it was time for lunch....perfect!

I spent the afternoon pressure washing the hast two cabins in sites 98 and 124.  It take about an hour to pressure wash each cabin including the setup and take down time for the pressure washer, so I was finished with them just after 3 pm.  I had an hour left until quitting time so I had planned to move the pressure washer down to the 80's to pressure wash some more picnic tables, but on my way I received a call over the 2-way radio that the water faucet in site 16 was spraying water, so I headed there to check it out.  Sure enough water was spraying out of a crack in the galvanized pipe just below the coupling.  It appeared someone had backed into the pipe bending it just below the coupling resulting in a crack.  

I contacted my co-worker, Alika, to see if he knew where the valve was that turned off the water to site 16.  He went to Rich's golf cart (he and Marnie were off  work Thursday) to retrieve the water schematic for the park.  It indicated the valve controlling the water flow to site 16 was up by site 30 next to the fire hydrant, so he went there to turn off the water while I waited at site 16.  Within minutes the water pressure went down, and soon there was just a trickle of water coming out of the cracked pipe.....

The faucet and coupling removed from the cracked pipe

 The cracked pipe waiting to have about an 
inch cut off the top so it could be re-threaded

I next retrieved the pipe cutter, pipe threader, teflon tape,  and pipe wrench from the tool shed to begin the repair.  Using the pipe wrench I removed the coupling from the pipe coming out of the concrete, verified it was, indeed, cracked, then began to use the pipe cutter to remove the bad piece, however the pipe cutter was missing a couple of screws and would not work properly.  About that time Rich and Marnie arrived home, and he brought his 'Sawsall' down to finish cutting the cracked piece off the pipe.  Once that was done it was time to re-thread the top of the pipe, and then reinstall the faucet.......

The repair is complete....turn on the water!

......I looked at my watch as I loaded the tools back on the golf cart and it was 5 minutes to 4.....perfect.  On Thursdays TLE is the only person in the office in the afternoon so she stays on to 5 pm to close the office.  I bid her adieu and headed for the barn with another day in the books.  I felt pleasantly tired....a far cry from two weeks ago, right?

TLE told me she would walk home, and she arrived about 5:10 pm.  As I have written before, I love working at RORVR.....every day is different, and I'm even allowed, and trusted to 'fix' broken things when I find them.....quite a contrast to last summer's experience.

Since we don't report for work on Friday's until the afternoon we were up until 11 pm watching some recorded shows ('The Amazing Race', and 'Elementary').....thanks for stopping by!

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