Monday, February 15, 2021

1,273 miles and smiles......

 6:00 am - Monday - February 15th - Wittmann, AZ - 43° F, 45% -humidity, wind - zero mph out of  the north......mostly sunny today with a forecast high of 64° F!  On this date in 2013 we were taking a walk on a stormy Marathon Key, FL day (Florida Keys)........↴

..... the view this morning........↴

This 1200+ mile trip we have embarked upon is a much faster trip than we are used to.....normally it would take us a closer to a week to cover that distance, but we are doing it in less than 5 days.  Our only day under 200 miles was the first one.  Since then we have driven one 400+ mile day, and three successive 220+ mile days.  Our last leg of our journey south began around 9:30 am Sunday.  The skies were clear, and blue and there was a stiff wind out of the north.  Normally we avoid driving on windy days, but this wind was out of the north, and we were headed south....nothing like a good following wind to push us southward on our last day of travel for a few weeks......

.....within minutes of departing the Boulder City Elks Lodge we came within site of Lake Mead.....

.....of course, when you enter Arizona you lose an hour as you are now in Mountain Time Zone, so we really left Boulder City at 10:30 am, not 9:30 am.  The drive south was uneventful, if not a bit more congested than our past few days of travel......

.....eventually we reentered the land of saguaros......

......we took a couple of restroom breaks over the course of the 4+ hour drive, arriving in Wittmann around 2:50 pm to balmy breezes, and 70° F has been a long time since we saw temps in the 60's, let along 70's.  The humidity level was in the 30 percentile range.  And there you have it......after some 1,290 miles we have arrived at one of our happy places.

Tom and Darlene, long time Newell friends, who have also become very, very good friends, were there to greet us as I shut down the big Detroit Diesel 6v92 for the last time on this trip south.  Monday morning I begin to check off things on my 'TO DO' list, the first of which will be to remove the big Leece-Neville alternator and run it over to Turbo & Electric in Phoenix, and then pick up my new Flexsteel driver chair at the shipper, also located in Phoenix.  Here is my 'TO DO' list.....

1) Remove, repair, and reinstall the alternator
2) Pickcup up new driver chair
3) Remove my old Flexsteel driver chair
4) Install new tachometer
5) Replace my transmission filter as the old one is leaking
6) Buy and have installed two new steer tires for the Newell
7) Have new shocks installed all the way around
8) Recondition the leather TLE's new Ekhornes recliner
9) Install new Flexsteel driver chair
10) Install new Progressive Dynamics charger/converter

....I'm sure other things will arise, but that is the list for now....I'm getting tired already!

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