Monday, February 8, 2021

Sunday, funday.....

 7:53 am - Monday - February 8th - Seal Rock, OR - 36° F, 100% humdity, wind - zero mph out of the north......cloudy today with a forecast high of 44° F.  On this date in 2013 we were visiting Amazon friends in Zephyr Hills, FL.....↴

We awoke to rain Sunday, and I was thinking I would not work Sunday after all.  I received a text from Terry telling me to report for work at 11 am if it wasn't raining, and what do you know?  It stopped raining!  Terry and I spent most of my two hour shift picking up, and hauling storm debris up to the burgeoning burn pile.  

The rest of the time we hauled a bunch of those wood discs we had cut out of the large tree trunk the other day back down to my site for me to use in creating a new 'lido' deck/patio at our new site.  As you will recall, the new pad is 10' wide, and there is a 5, or 6" lip where the gravel ends down to the grass.  My plan was to use the wood discs to create a boundary for the patio, and the fill the middle with gravel.

I was off work around 1:15 pm, and went directly to work removing the blue tape from the headlight bezels.  You may recall I had to cover these chrome bezels with blue masking tape to prevent them from corroding due to the heavy salt concentration in the air here...... operating theory was the blue masking tape would provide an adequate barrier to the salt air, and protect the chrome....I applied the tape back in early October.  It was now time to remove it in preparation for our upcoming trip, and see if my theory was valid..... it turns out I was correct....the chrome was protected, and the bezels look fantastic!

I spent another hour, or so laying out the wood tree trunk discs in preparation for bringing in more gravel to create the patio deck......

.....those posts you see in the background will be moved to the left to follow the actual property line of site #A-3, our current site, and then we will dump some gravel in there to create a mostly level patio area for the Newell.  I need to haul another dozen, or so wood discs down from the woodpile to complete the project.

As most of you know, Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday.  I have not watched a single NFL game this year, which is a record for me, but I decided to watch the Super Bowl to see if Tom Brady could win his 7th out of 10 attempts.  I'm not sure if there is an NFL team that has been to the Super Bowl 10 times....maybe New England, I'm not sure.  I figured Kansas City would have the advantage, but was I ever wrong.  The Tampa Bay Bucs completely dominated the Chiefs on both sides of the ball with Brady handily winning his 7th Ring.  He now has more Super Bowl victories than either New England, nor Pittsburgh....amazing.

The skies actually cleared enough by 5:30 pm to give us a nice Sunday sunset......

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