Saturday, February 6, 2021

Split personality......

 8:37 am - Saturday - February 6th - Seal Rock, OR - 41° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north......cloudy today with a chance of rain, and a forecast high of 47° F.  On this date in 2012 we arrived at the home of long time friend Claude Banker in Indio, CA after having our solar system two days we would enter Arizona, not returning to California for almost two years as we began our full time travel adventure.......↴

......the view this morning......↴

Rain fell all through the night, and continued to fall until about 11 am Friday.  I was hoping for a few dry hours Friday so we could have our trailer moved into site #A-2......we received just that, and fact the sun came out until well after 3 pm.

Once the rain ceased I headed outside to get the trailer ready to move, and to stow all the awnings, including patio, in preparation for our departure this Thursday.  I then removed the four piers which I place at the four corners of the trailer to keep it stable when I'm inside working on something.....without them it tends to bound around as I walk back and forth.  Next I lowered the front of the trailer so it would be easy to drop on the hitch ball on Blake's Chevy Dualie pickup.  I called Blake around 12 pm to advise I was ready and he was onsite in just a few minutes.  Within 10 minutes our 2007 American trailer was in the very back of site #A-2.......

We are now split between two sites.....

.....from there I reinstalled the four piers, hooked the trailer up to the electrical pedestal, put the flag back in its holder, and moved the fire wood.  Once that was done I fired up the big Detroit Diesel 6v92 and moved the Newell forward about 10 feet, moved the artificial turf carpet forward the same distance, and then hooked up our utilities once again.....

.....I spent time moving some items out of our through bay storage into the trailer, and other things from the trailer into the storage bay since we will not be taking the trailer with us.  By the time I finished it was after 3 pm, and I was bushed.  Not having the trailer with us in our travels for the first time in 9 years is forcing me to prioritize what we carry with us on this 2,500 mile trip....I know I'll forget something, but that is why we have credit cards, right?  By 4 pm the sun had vanished behind the western cloud bank, and the temperature began to drop precipitously....time to head inside.  

I'll need to remove the blue masking tape from the headlights, and taillights, mount the bike rack along with the bikes, remove the mirror and windshield wiper cover, and then roll our wheels.  I also need to reseal the roof of the trailer before we leave as some of the caulking has pealed off due to the salt air.  I've already ordered and received 4 caulking tubes of the Dicor self leveling lap sealant for this purpose.

So, everything seems to be coming into focus for our planned departure day including the weather. Right now it appears we will have a nice, sunny day this Thursday, in fact the entire week looks promising, and I should be able to work everyday.

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  1. It will sure seem strange for a while traveling without the little trailer. Like you're forgetting something. :)


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