Saturday, February 13, 2021


 6:37 am - Saturday - February 13th - Tonopah, NV - 35° F, 100% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the west by northwest.....heavy cloud cover, a little rain overnight, and a forecast high today of 41° F.  On this date in 2011 TLE and I had just finished our first two weeks of full time living in the Newell at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park.....↴

.....the view this morning...

It has been a while (5 months) since we have awakened in a different place two consecutive days in a row.  Friday we awoke in at Sparks Marina RV Park to very cold skies.  Unlike Seal Rock the sun began to hit the windows of the Newell a little after 8 am.  Since we only had a measly 223 miles to drive Friday we didn't get up until 7 am, and didn't depart the park until about 9:15 am.  Our first task was to fill our propane tank, and Sparks Marine RV Park has a propane station.....very handy.  It's been 5 months since we last filled our propane tank, and prior to the installation of our tankless water heater we might have needed to take on 45-50 gallons, but the machine shut off after 30 gallons....
exactly what I had guessed we would need!

Next up was to head over the the local Petro Truck Stop where I used my EFS fuel card to take on 90 gallons of diesel.  The pump price was $2.79/gallon, but with the EFS discount we only paid $2.55/gallon.  We took on exactly 90 gallons, which is exactly what I had estimated we would need.....time to buy a lotto!

We merged onto the east bound I-80 around 10:45 am, and after around 27 miles we exited at exit 48 in Fernley, NV merging onto US-95, which would be our road for the rest of the day.  The drive south was beautiful, smooth, and windless......

Approaching Walker Lake...beautiful snow capped mountains in the distance

US-95 is smooth and straight as an arrow.....loving the big views again

.....our destination for the day was Tonopah, NV, and old mining town whose current claim to fame is a large casino called Tonopah Station Casino.  Tonopah sits at 5,900' elevation, and is literally built on the top of a mountain.  The casino also has a 20 site RV park in the back, which is first come, first served.  We called ahead to be sure it was open, and if sites were available, and were advised it was open, and there were several sites available.  They have full hookups including 50 amp electric.

This was one of the nicest driving days we have encountered in quite a long time.  I just set the cruise control at 60 mph, and hung onto the steering wheel.  The road was straight as an arrow for 10-20 miles at a stretch, and had very little traffic.....the vehicles in the picture above were very rare on this day.

We arrived at Tonopah Station just after 3 pm, found an unoccupied site (#8), pulled in, leveled, plugged in, and then changed clothes to go into the casino to eat an early dinner.....neither of us had eaten lunch.

The restaurant was virtually empty at 3:30 pm, so we were quickly seated, and had our orders on the table within 10 minutes.  TLE had her usual Rueben sandwich with fries, and I a bacon cheeseburger with fries chased with a Corona.....perfect.  After our meal we walked next door to the local Raley's grocery store to pick up a few items, and were back at the coach before 5 pm.  We both treated ourselves to hot showers, and then settled in for the night.  As we always do, we closed the curtains, and were 'home'.

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  1. Glad to hear traveling plans are going well......I grew up in Truckee....many friends live in Reno, Sparks, Wadsworth and Fallon. Had two uncles when I was a kid lived in Fernley and had horses....We used to go now and then to visit, ride horses and explore the desert.

    1. It was a great trip south, and completely uneventful except for the fender bender in that small RV


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