Monday, March 28, 2022

Bad boy.......

8:35 am - Monday - March 28th - Elks Backyard, CA - 56° F, humidity 63%, wind 10 mph out of the south by southeast.....heavily overcast today with rain on the way.....forecast high is 58° F.....just 2° warmer than it is right now....WOW!  On this date in 2012, our 2nd month on the road, we arrived in Cedar Key, FL for the very first time....we have returned twice since then.....↴

Very first Cedar Key sunset

We finally had a break in the weather Sunday.  For the first time since we arrived in Fontana the high temp for the day was forecast to be in the 70's....not the 80's, or 90's.  TLE wanted to take a day off from walking so, for the first time since Seal Rock, OR, I got out my Cannondale Bad Boy bike and headed west on the PET*.  Initially I was just going to ride to Cherry Avenue, which is about 5 miles out making for a nice 10 mile ride, but by the time I reached Cherry I felt really good, and was not ready to turn around yet, so I changed my goal from distance to to riding until I reached 500 calories burned for the for the 'out' portion of the ride, meaning by the time I returned to the Elks Lodge I would be over 1,000.  I haven't had a 1,000 calorie day on my bike in over 2 years.  As it turned out I hit the 500 calorie goal just before Rochester in Rancho Cucamonga.  So, some 9.25 miles from home, I made the turn around......

.....the ride eastward from Rochester usually has a slight tail wind, and the grade is ever so slightly downhill, and I usually hit my highest average mph on the return ride.  At the turn around I was averaging just over 12.5 mph.  I still felt great as I headed back to the Elks Lodge.....

.....this section of the PET* is straight, and there are sections where you don't have to cross a street for over a mile.  By the time I returned to the Newell I had burned 1,037 calories, averaged 13.0 mph for the entire ride, and covered just under 19 miles....

......the lapsed moving time was one hour and 25 minutes.  Frankly, I was surprised by how good I felt after riding that many miles.  I guess I  would have to attribute some of that to all the fast walking TLE and I have been doing the past 7 weeks.

It was after 1:30 pm, when I got back home, and I had been gone so long that TLE actually called me when I was about 1 mile from home to be sure I was OK.  It's always nice to know there is someone out there who cares about your welfare.

As one might expect, I spent most of the afternoon watching the final round of the World Gold Championship Match Play between Scottie Scheffler, and Kevin Kisner.  Within the first 5 holes Scottie was 3 up over Kevin, and with just 3 holes left to play Kisner conceded the match 4 and 3......meaning Scottie was up four holes with 3 to play giving Kisner no chance to win.

On the 'March Madness' front both games Sunday were blowouts...... #1 Kansas easily defeated #10 Miami 76-50 to advance to the Final Four, and #8 North Carolina defeated this year's Cinderella team, #15 St. Peters, 69-49 to also advance.  

Our original plan was to take the Newell over to Joel's Automotive Monday morning for the oil, and coolant changes, but with there being a 100% chance of rain Monday morning Joel and I decided Tuesday would be a better day since all the work would be performed outside his shop in the parking lot (the Newell is too big for his shop).  Nevertheless, I needed to disconnect the trailer from the Newell prior to driving over to Joel's, and didn't want to do it in the rain, so, with TLE's help we dropped the trailer, and moved the Newell forward in our site about one foot, so I could also remove the large hitch.

With the end of Sunday it is now just 6 days until my granddaughter's wedding, and shortly after that we will drive the final 600 miles to our summer job....where have the last 5 months gone?

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*PET = Pacific Electric Trail

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