Friday, March 25, 2022

Match play, and the Sweet Sixteen.....

 7:25 am - Friday - March 25th - Elks Backyard, CA - 60° F, humidity 43%, wind 1 mph out of the northeast.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 91° F.  On this date in 2012 we were in Daphne, AL overnighting at a Walmart, and taking a bike ride....stopped for lunch......

After all the running around we did on Wednesday we just took at easy on Thursday.  Other than the 2.82 mile walk we took, and TLE's short shopping run to the local Stater Brothers one block away, we were just home bodies.  We didn't get out to take our walk until after 10 am, and by the time we were at the halfway mark we wished we had walked earlier as it was heating up quickly (the high Thursday was 89° F).....

.....for our 2nd local loop walk this week we headed west on Rialto Ave. to Tamarind, then up to the PET (Pacific Electric Trail) where we turned eastward back to the Elks Lodge.  In all we covered 2.82 miles....just slightly less than the first day.

I spent a good part of Thursday afternoon watching the World Championship of Golf tournament in Austin, TX which is a 5 day, Match Play event.  It's kind of like the Ryder Cup in that sense, but instead of it being the USA vs. the rest of the world, it's just two golfers playing against each other for 18 holes with each hole a separate contest.   For each hole you win you get a point....if one guy wins three holes he is said to be 'three up'.  If you're on the losing end you are considered to be 'three down'.  Whoever is ahead by at least one hole at the end of the 18 holes is the winner of that 'Match'....many matches end in a tie, and there is no 'sudden death'.

Later in the afternoon it was time for 'March Madness' to begin again.  Thursday was the first day of the 'Round of 16', or 'Sweet Sixteen'.  There were two BIG upsets Thursday.....Gonzaga, the overall #1 seed in the tournament, lost to #4 Arkansas 74-68, and it wasn't even really that close.  In the other upset #1 Arizona lost to #5 Houston 72-60....Houston led by 10-12 points most of the second half.  #11 Michigan fell to #2 Villanova, and another #2, Duke, bested #3, Texas Tech.  So half of the 'Elite 8' has been determined with the second half being determined on Friday, of which #4 UCLA is included...they play #8, North Carolina.....hoping they make it to the 'Elite 8'!

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