Wednesday, April 26, 2023

It was perfect.....

 8:09 am - Wednesday - April 26th - LPG&RVR - 48° F, humidity 40%, wind 0 mph out of the east.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 75° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were visiting Arlington National Cemetery.......↴

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Changing of the Guard

It usually doesn't take us this long to set up our 'lido deck' wherever we may be each season, but this time has been different.  Initially we were unsettled as to whether we would keep our current orientation, and then when we decided we liked it we had our first 4 day work week, so everything we wanted to do was deferred until our first 4 day weekend.  Thus comes Tuesday, and probably the biggest job to mostly complete the LPG&RVR* 'lido deck 2023.  We had not yet deployed our dining canopy, or Edison Lights, but to do so required us to remove a bush, and then level a pad large enough for the 12' x 12' canopy footprint.  Before we got started I drove our golf cart down to the 'Caddy Shack' to retrieve one of the trailers, and some tools (square point shovel, pruning hooks, and rock rake).  Once I had those in hand I headed back, and with TLE's help removed the bush, leveled the canopy pad, put down our 8' x 6' artificial turf, moved the picnic table onto the turf, then setup of the dining canopy.  At the end of it all here is what it looks like.....

Looking south

Looking north

.....we then setup our umbrella with our two camp chairs for sunset happy hour.... took us until almost 1:30 pm to finish, but it was well worth it.  Later in the day I hung the Edison Lights, and the job was done.  I attempted to take a nighttime picture of the Edison Light display, but didn't hold the camera still enough, but you get the idea....

....I did do better photographing the umbrella lights, though.....

....we began the evening around 5:15 pm enjoying some adult beverages at our sunset/happy hour location, then to celebrate, and dedicate the completion of this season's 'lido deck' TLE had me grill a couple of filet mignons on the Sea-B-Que to which she added sides of smashed potatoes, and a salad....

....and to cap off the evening we played 'Phase 10' for the first time in month.  It was very nice to resume 'game night' on the 'lido deck'.  There was no wind, no breeze, and the temperature was perfect, made even better by a cigar and Scotch!

Tuesday was just one of those 'perfect days' by which all other 'perfect days' will be judged.  Everything turned out as we had envisioned it, and now we can settle into life here at LPG&RVR*.

Thanks for stopping by!

*LPG&RVR = Likely Place Golf & RV Resort

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