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6:21 am - Friday - April 28th - GNHS - 44°  F, humidity 59%, wind 4 mph out of the southeast....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 82° F. On this date in 2018 TLE and I were having lunch at the Shaved Duck in St. Louis, MO....they were featured on Diners, Drive-ins and of our favorite restaurants ever.....their 'Burnt Ends' were that for which you might die......↴ 

I still have that long sleeve fact TLE just made a repair to it for

After staging 5 carts (4 electrics, and 1 of the electrics was returned late, and did not get plugged in) I headed out on the golf course to clear goose turds off the #3 tee boxes, then rake the 4 sand traps.  When I arrived at the sand trap on hole #15 I found a whole crop of weeds had sprung up 'overnight' (it is getting warmer), so I headed back to the 'Caddy Shack' to retrieve a 'hula hoe' to remove those weeds, and then rake out the sand trap....

About 1/2 done

There, you can see the weeds on the picture to enlarge

The final pile of harvested weeds

Weeded and raked.....looks good! took me about 90 minutes to weed, and rake the bunker, which is the size of a small swimming pool.  By the time I finished I had just enough time to rake the sand trap at hole #18 before heading back to the Clubhouse office to give TLE her lunch break.  While I was raking that sand trap Mike rode by on his fairway lawnmower....

After TLE's lunch break, and my 30 minute lunch break I headed out on the small, oh so slow, John Deere riding lawnmower to mow around the tee boxes on holes 3, 10, 15, 16, 17 & 18....this is something I do once per week as the regular mower is too large to fit around those tee boxes.  To do the entire circuit takes me over 2 hours if there are no incidents, but on this day there was an incident.....just as I was leaving the 18th, and final tee boxes I noticed the right front tire had gone flat...doh!  I found a shady spot to park, and called Bob, our mechanic, who brought out a cannister of compressed air to reinflate the tire, so I could drive it back to the Caddy Shack where he can change the tire....I made it back with air still in the

By the time I had returned it was 4:15 pm (past quitting time for me) and I had 9 golf carts to clean, and put away for the night.  I managed to get them all put away by 4:50 pm, which is only 10 minutes before TLE closes the office for the day, so I got my putter and a couple of golf balls and practiced putting.  This Saturday is our first putting contest.

We were home around 5:10 pm, and within minutes I was in the shower washing all the dirt and sweat from my body.  TLE provided a dinner salad for our dinner, and then we headed outside around 7 pm to play 'Yahtzee' for an hour.  The sun is setting around 7:30 pm, and it fully set by 8 pm, just about the time we finished our 6th game.  I managed to win 4 out of 6 games of chance on this evening, however, I failed to mention yesterday that TLE prevailed 3 games out of 5 in our Backgammon match Wednesday night.

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