Sunday, October 29, 2023

Full disclosure......

 6:58 am - Sunday - October 29th - GNHS - 65° F, humidity 23%, wind 30 mph....yup, we're having our first wind event/Santa Ana of the season.  Began blowing last night around 10 pm, will continue all day, and into the evening before it begins to abate.  The forecast high for today is 77° F with clear, windblown skies today.  On this date in 2019 TLE and I were working at Romona Oaks RV Resort at which time we were recovering from another 'wind event' of the Santa Ana variety......many leaves to pickup.....↴

In all we had 4 rentals Saturday.....3 all day, and one half day.  When I washed the returning RZRs Friday evening we only had 3 all rentals, so I made sure we had three clean ones for Saturday morning, however, overnight the 1/2 day rental showed up in the system, so I had to wash another one first thing Saturday morning.  While washing it I discovered significant damage to the roll cage, roof, and right rear quarter panel which had gone undetected due to the heavy layer of dust......

Broken internal parts was obvious this unit had rolled onto its right side, perhaps at low speed, and the customer had not reported it, which he/she is required by contract to do.  In fact, upon their return, when asked if they had hit anything they said 'no'.  As we began to disassemble the right rear quarter panel we found more broken parts, so it appears this will cost in the neighborhood of $3,000 to fix....not horrible, but significant, nonetheless.  When confronted an hour later he/she still didn't tell us the whole truth....they said they hit the canyon wall, but hadn't rolled it.  When we opened up the air box we found copious amounts of engine oil, which was the clincher.....the only way for oil to get into the airbox is if it is lying on its right side.  When shown this he/she finally admitted they had rolled it.  Under our deal with Polaris the customer, by contract, is required to report damage immediately.  By that I mean they are required to return to the office immediately and file an incident report.   At the very least, when returning at the of their rental they are supposed to do so, but they lied, an denied until confronted will proof they could not deny.  Additionally, if you fail to report damage that nullifies the contractual limitation of financial exposure the customer to $3,000, and makes them responsible for 100% of the damage.  Anyway, that was our excitement for the day, we thought.

About noon time our half day rental, which had gone out at 10 am, returned to report they had a flat tire.  They did buy tire and belt insurance, but the flat was caused by them hitting a large rock and damaging the rim/wheel, which caused the tire bead to break, and let all the air out.  The wheel/rim is not covered by tire and belt insurance, so they will have to pay the for new rim.  Nevertheless, they followed the contract and did what they should do....a stark contrast to the other folks.

The rest of the day was completely uneventful, with our three all day rentals returning on time with NO damage.  We've only got two rentals all day, and one afternoon 2 hour ride.....not sure if they will want to ride with 30-40 mph winds blowing all day, but we'll see. 

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