Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The final two.....

7:18 am - Tuesday - October 24th - GNHS - 59° F, humidity 68%, wind 4 mph out of the south by southeast.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 86° F.  On this date in 2022 TLE and I had just 'finished' setting up what we thought was our site for the next 6 months at Glamis North Hot Springs.....little did we know that we would be moving sites within a few days, and changing jobs.....↴

Awakening Monday morning to temps in the low 60's, and knowing it would not get warmer than 82° F Monday was delightful.  For a change we were not turning on the A/C by 7 am, and closing the windows.  Instead the windows were left fully open, allowing cool zephyrs to filter in through the openings.  

Monday was also the day Hunter and I would finish 'building' the last two "RZRs".  Hunter pretty much built the first 8 by himself, so he was pretty familiar with the process, which helped a lot, and with two people working in concert it goes much faster, as one might imagine.  We managed to get the last 4 seater built by 1 pm, and after a lunch break came back to build the final 2 seater, of which we have two.  The 'building' process involves installing the roll cage (comes in 6 pieces), the wiring, and speakers for the sound system, the seats (comes in two pieces), windshield, and roof (3 pieces).  To be clear, while they are all made by Polaris, and we call them all RZRs, there are only 8 RZRs, plus two 4 seat Generals, and two 2 seat Generals.  The Generals, are a little classier, a little heavier at over 2,000 lbs, have a much 'softer' ride, have winches, receiver hitches, and a 'dump bed' on the back.  The picture I posted yesterday of the 4 seater we built was a General.....

4 seat General

2 seat General

Receiver hitch


Dump bed

The final 4 seater under construction

.....we began our work day around 9 am, and finished around 5:40 pm just as the sun was setting.  Now that all the "RZRs" are built, and broken in (Kyle and Hunter took the final two out for an hour run right after we finished) we'll have to complete their outfit with fire extinguishers, spare tires, and jacks.  All 12 units have what they call 'Ride Command', which is a GPS system with trail maps, as well as stereo/blue tooth sound systems.  All of the doors are full doors.  The units we rented last year only had half doors, and allowed a lot of dust to enter the cockpit.  Essentially all 12 units are 2-3 levels above base model....pretty cool!

While I worked with Hunter TLE put the finishing touches on the office space, and reorganized the helmets, of which there are many.  With ten 4 seaters, and two 2 seaters we have the potential of handing out 44 helmets if we rent everything on a given day.

After working my first 8 hour day in about 3 weeks I was ready for a long, hot shower, and some recliner time.  I managed to snag another sunset photo just after the sun had dipped behind the San Jacinto Mountains....

......I'm hoping to spend a good portion of Tuesday deploying all of our 'lido deck' stuff, and lights, as well as bringing order to my currently chaotic trailer interior.

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