Monday, October 23, 2023

Worth living again......

 7:55 am - Monday - October 23rd - GNHS - 66° F, humidity 63%,, wind 12 mph out of the west......crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 82° F.  On this date in 2017 TLE and I were hiking in Bryce Canyon.....↴

Alas, we had a break in the hot weather Sunday.  The high temp was 94° F, and what a difference 7° F can make, especially when accompanied by a light, refreshing breeze!  We had no rentals, so Bob told us to take the day off assembling RZRs, and resume it on Monday when it will be in the LOW 80's....sweet!  It is nice to be composing this missive without the whirring of A/C fans in the background.  In fact, all I can hear right now at 8:04 am (Monday) is the faint, almost inaudible hum of our Fantastic Fan in the distant background.  There is a faint breeze entering the window by my computer desk, and it is only 68° F.  Okay, enough of the lower temperature!

Since we arrived at GNHS last Thursday morning we have done very little to set up our 'lido deck' for the winter, or organize the trailer interior for our 6 month stay.  It has just been too hot!  All we have managed to do is deploy our main artificial turf piece, and the Ozark Trails popup canopy.....

....we only put up the canopy up to keep the sun off the back of the office until the temperatures drop.  You can see the umbrella, and other turf pieces propped against the back of the office.

While I didn't do anything to further the setup of our 'lido deck' I did kind of straighten up around our site, and organized the work area out front of the office as it was kind of chaotic from the assembly of RZRs for the past week, and with the exception of a few other tasks that is all I did all day long.  While I spent most of the day inside watching football, something I haven't done for a long time, I did venture outside periodically to just walk around, and enjoy the much cooler temperatures, and did work on a couple of projects for TLE.  The cooling fan on her induction burner needed cleaning, and the new broom she bought for the Newell interior needed its stick shortened about 5 inches to fit in the spot where the old one was stored.  Other than that it was a laid back, delightful Sunday.

As is almost always the case on Sundays, the vacuum cleaner did its job, and by the end of the day GNHS had returned to its ghost town like ambiance, and with the promise of temps in the 80's, and eventually into the 70's order has been restored, and life is worth living!

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