Monday, October 30, 2023

Windy....I know the title is kind of obvious, but it is!

7:04 am - Monday - October 30th - GNHS - 57° F, humidity 34%, wind 18 mph out of the north by northwest..,...clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 81° F. Wind continued through another night, and is still blowing as I write, and the coach is a rockin' and a rollin'.  Not supposed to begin abating until around 2 pm today.  On this date in 2015 TLE and I were in John Day, OR enjoying beautiful fall weather.....↴ 

The original weather forecast had this Santa Ana wind event abating around 5 pm Sunday, but it did not.  It is a good thing TLE and I don't get sea sick, as our Newell sits broadside to the north wind, and she was rocking and rolling all Saturday night, and into Sunday morning.  As I write she is still rocking and rolling.  I think this first wind event of the 2023 season is worse than any of the wind events we had here last year by a factor of two.  Having our coach oriented with the passenger side facing south is wonderful when there is no wind, but quite the opposite when it is windy.   The Santa Ana winds always come out of the north from the high desert.

In spite of the wind we had two rentals scheduled for all day beginning at 9 am, and a short 2 hour one beginning at 2 TLE and I were dressed, and out the door before 8:30 am.  Hunter  joined us for about 30 minutes, but we really didn't need 3 people for 1 rental.  We're all getting used to using the iPad tablets provided by Polaris for checking in customers, and checking them out at the end of their rental time, and using them sure speeds up the process, as well as reducing the amount of paperwork to an extreme minimum.  Once our 9 am, all day rental had departed Hunter and I clocked out, and headed home, and out of the wind.  TLE remained behind at the office to man the phone, and the tracking system.

The Santa Ana winds have reeked havoc with our 'lido deck', and it is currently in disarray, as one might imagine.  We had to lower the Ozark Trail canopy as low as it would go, and remove the canopy.  Both umbrellas are stowed, and our camp chairs are inside the trailer along with the piece of turf we use for the 'viewing deck'.  We're just kind of hunkered down waiting for the end of the wind event, and waiting to get back to regular  

Our 2 pm rental arrived around 1:30 pm to check in, and by 2 pm they were on their way.  Once that was taken care of I once again retreated to the friendly confines of our Newell to get out of the incessant wind.

Both rentals returned on time, and without incident....nice!  I decided not to wash either unit in the wind, and dust, so I just parked them for the night, and will probably wash and fuel them Monday, or Tuesday, or whenever it is not windy any longer.

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