Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thought I was getting up at 5am, but it was really 6am....I forgot we lose an hour in Utah....Mtn Time. My brother and his wife (and kids) left around 7am for my sister's home in Spokane...we'll see them there on Tuesday. It was about 30 degrees overnight....see, I told you it would get a lot I'm wearing long underwear, a plaid jacke, and a ski jackt over that....LOL!

We had all three gas furnaces on all night....takes me a couple of nights to get used to the heaters cylcing on and off all night, but I did sleep well enough...Elaine put an extra comforter on the bed, so we stayed toasty warm last night.

Just like last April in Gallup, NM when it also snowed overnight, the right rear was recalcetrant in adjusting itself to "ride height" never really got to it's normal height, although it was within a couple of inches. The temps did not get over 32 most of the day today. We were counting our blessings about 70 miles south of Idaho Falls that we had not had rain, or snow yet....then within one mile it went from dry to 30 feet visability.....and heavy snowfall! Wow! Fortunately, the heavy snow only lasted less than 20 minutes, and had stopped by the time we hit Pocatella, but it started up again 10 miles out of Idaho Falls, and is still going strong as I sit here composing this installment of our Pacific Northwest adventure. We are staying at an RV park recommended by our good friend Tom McCloud....his former neighbor in Mesa, AZ owns an RV park called Snake River RV Park, and that is where we are plugged in right now with all 3 electric heaters going (one in the water bay), and the block heater on....we're drawing 40 of the 50 amps we have available to us right now. The park appears to be a former KOA, without the KOA prices. We are in the electric only row (B).

Topped off our LPG tank at a Flying J in Salt Lake City for $2.29/gallon...the best price I have seen in a while. Want to be sure I've got a full tank in case we get stranded somewhere and have to run the genset to keep from freezing for a day, or so.....I wish I hadn't said that....I'm not really superstitious, but have you ever noticed how often in life you make a comment about some thing, or another not happening, then it happens shortly aftet that???

Well, settling in to watch some Sunday afternoon football....Chargers and Broncos in San Diego, where it's not snowing.


  1. Well, we got a good whoopin from SD yesterday. But as they say, we just ran out of time. Your picture looks like something out of Alaska. Sounds like you guys are staying warm and doing well. Life is good.

    Safe travels. D and D

  2. It was cold last night, but the electric heaters kept it toasty inside, and the block heater did its job....turned over and started immediately! Now in Missoula after a great drive today.