Saturday, November 21, 2009

It was really cold last night......the bad news is 40 degrees in not really that cold, but I'm from Southern California where we put on ski jackets when it gets that cold...LOL! It will be much colder than that in the next few days as we wend our way northwest from our current location of South Jordan, UT (about 10 miles south of Salt Lake City). The temps will dip to under 30 tonight, so I am plugged in at my brother's (Dwyer) house and the water bay electric heater is turned on.
But I get to far ahead of myself.....we awoke in St. George, UT this morning around 6am.....I jumped out of bed, hit the generator switch (we have 3 of them, and one is in the bedroom) and then turned on all 5 heaters (2 electric, and 3 gas furnaces) plus the block heater. It took about 10 minutes for the coach to warm up enough to get out of the covers and get dressed....what wimps we are!

Since we right behind the Cracker Barrel we went in for breakfast....they have the best coffee! I had oatmeal, bacon and a big blueberry muffin.

We left St. George in our rear view mirror just before 8am, and continued north on I-15.....what a beautiful day (the picture above was taken about 100 miles south of where we are right now). We started out with the chassis heater up front on high, but I was not getting warm enough so I turned on the defoggers, and the defrost (don't ask what the difference is, but I have 3 different switches for these defrosters/defoggers), and I was just comfortable. When we stopped for coffee about 190 miles into the day I discovered the bathroom, and shower ceiling vents where open and that was why it never got warm inside. Once those were closed I stayed warm with just the chassis heater on......doh!

We arrived in South Jordan around 2pm, and are have a blast catching up with my brother and his wife. We'll hit the road again the morning headed for Idaho Falls. Tom McCloud, a Newell friend from Mesa, AZ has recommended an RV park there owned by a neighbor of his near the Snake River!


  1. Yo, Clarke and Elaine. Funny about the heat. I've even turned on the electric stove burners before and the hair dryer. Every possible option to get some heat fast. Glad that you have traveled safely so far and are enjoying family. Nothing better. Safe travels tomorrow.

    David and Denise

  2. Hilarious, safe travels today. We have even turned on all of the stove burners and the hair dryer to keep warm. I like Steve's 70 degree rule.

    D and D