Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving day dawned clear of clouds, rain, fog, etc. As I peared out the salon window I could see my brother-in-law busily preparing the large turkey for insertion into the oven. My sister was preparing various dishes (creamed broccili, sweat potatos, salad, and on it goes.

About mid-morning we took a sister's home backs up to National the 48 degree weather. Later we got all the adult males outside, plus several of the kids for a game of "H-O-R-S-E" at the basketball hoop across the street. I haven't played basketball in about 20 years, but managed to hang tough for 10 minutes before beling unceremoniously 10 year old niece did better than I....LOL!!
This table is around 90 years old, and can seat even more people if needed by inserting a few more "leaves".
 about a "do over".....I can still smell the ubiquitous aromas wafting throughout the home. As we ate each of us took a turn and talked about things we are thankful for.....I am/was thankful for relatives who still want me to visit them....LOL! Most of all, though, I am thankful for a wonderful family that knows how to laugh.

After dessert, we retired to the media room to watch "What's Up Doc?"....a hilarious 1970's era movie produced and directed by Peter Bogdonovich, and starring Barbara Streisand, Ryon O'Neill, Madelene Kahn. If you want non stop funny, rent this DVD! My mouth hurt after laughing continuously for an hour and a half. Great ending to a wonderful day.

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