Friday, November 20, 2009

St. George here we come.....

We got out of town around 10:40am.....hadn't planned on leaving until around we've go that going for us! The weather has been wonderful for the first 350 miles. We just took our time.....had lunch at the In 'n Out Burger in Barstow. We jumped off I-15 in Vegas to fuel up at the local Rebel Gas Station, which had the best price we will see the rest of the trip at $2.65/gallon. The stretch of I-15 between Las Vegas and St. George is really some of the nicest Interstate I have driven on. All of the construction that was in progess the last time we came through Las Vegas in June of 2008 is done, and we were the beneficiaries of that work!
Right now we are parked behind the Cracker Barrel for the night. Elaine whipped up some beef barley soup and a couple pieces of squaw bread toast for me.....she's not hungry. I'm chasing the soup with a bottle of Black Butte beer. The temps were in the 60's most of the way, and right now ayt 6:50pm it's around 50 degrees and dropping.

So far our adventure has been uneventful, which is what we prefer. We will be in South Jordan, UT tomorrow afternoon at my brother's home...about 290 miles from our current location.
See a video of the first four days on the road!

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  1. Hey Clarke:

    Sounds like a very nice drive. We found the highways to be cleared of most of the summer construction too, and I had remarked to Denise how lucky we were to be driving on excellent highways. That is a good thing in late fall. What great excitement for you and Elaine to enjoy the longest trip so far. We look forward with great anticipation to follow your adventure. Safe travels.


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