Wednesday, May 16, 2018


6:22 am - Wednesday - May 16th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 41º F, 73% humidity, wind 10 mph out of the north by northeast.......clear, blue sunny skies today with a forecast high of 52º F.

After two days of site seeing we decided to just take it easy Tuesday.  We did need to do a big shopping before we settle into our work routine, and for a big shopping we decided to drive north to Ellsworth to shop at the Walmart Supercenter and the local grocery chain, Hannaford Supermarket.  It is only about 18 miles up to Ellsworth, but the speed limits vary between a low of 15 mph up to 50 mph, so it takes about 30 minutes each way.

The weather guessers had indicated there was a 90% chance of rain by 1 pm, so we left for Ellsworth around 10 am so we could be home before it let it turned out the guessers guessed wrong, but I get ahead of myself!

We had just come through Ellsworth on our way to Southwest Harbor on Saturday, so we were just retracing our steps, although it was nicer to be driving those narrow roads in a much smaller vehicle.  In the Newell it seemed much longer than 18 miles to me.

We arrived at the Hannaford Supermarket before 11 am where TLE did 95% of her shopping this day.  This is a large supermarket, and they have a very good selection of the most of the products for which we have a preference.  We also bought a couple of deck chairs for our deck which also match our Newell color scheme......

....they kind of have that 'Adirondack' look, don't they?  We don't like to leave our really nice camp chairs and loungers out in inclement weather, so these plastic ones are perfect to be left outside the entire time we are here.....we'll bring out the good ones when the weather improves.

We stopped off at Walmart on our way out of town to pick up the three things we didn't find at Hannaford.....the yogurt TLE likes, some mixed nuts, and something else that escapes my memory for now.  We were back home a little after 1 pm unloading our spoils and putting them away.

I spent some more time deploying our patio awning, raking up the winter detritus from our lawn, and moving a few things around in the trailer before heading back inside when it looked like it was going to begin raining.

Eventually the rain did 5:13 rained steadily for about 3 hours and then stopped.........

Rain on the windshield we have finished our third full day in Southwest Harbor and begin our summer of work on Wednesday.  There's a lot to do in the next two weeks before Smuggler's Den Campground opens for the summer season.  Fortunately, this park as it sits appears to be in very good condition, even after a pretty long winter, which is a tribute to the owners who don't take the winter off like they do at another park at which we previously worked.....enough said on that subject.

Time to get ready for work......thanks for stopping by!

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