Friday, May 25, 2018

Time to begin the summer!

8:02 am - Friday - May 25th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 54º F, 86% humidity, wind 12 mph out of the southwest.....clear blue skies with a forecast high of 75º F......a 20+ degree change from yesterday! last day starting work at 8 am.....beginning Friday my start time will be 10 am.  I really prefer a later start time, and I don't mind working into the early evening.  There were a dozen small things needing completion on Thursday.  For starters there were a couple of deck boards in the pool area needing replacement, a picnic table which need to have the loose paint scraped, and then repainted, trimming around the full hookup sites, the playground,  the cabins, the office, and pool area with string trimmers, cleaning the winter debris off each concrete pad with the blower, and finally raking all the wood chips in the playground.......

 New deck boards being installed

.....Tony and I got busy removing the old phillips head screws, and then the rotted boards.  Next we fitted in the new pressure treated boards and began screwing them down with brand new torque screws.

From there we moved to scraping the picnic table which took just a few minutes.  Once that was done we needed to let the sun dry the exposed raw wood before we could paint it so we headed up to the garage to pick up two string trimmers and then began moving through the full hookup sites, which begin right next to the garage.  By the time 11 am came around I had about 4 hookup sites left to do, and Tony had finished the cabins, so we went to lunch.

I quickly finished the last 4 full hookup sites after lunch, and while Tony put a coat of paint on the picnic table I got the blower and cleaned all the concrete pads of which there are about 12....the rest are gravel pads.  By the time Tony had finished putting the first coat of paint on the table I was done with the blower operation so we retrieved the string trimmers and began trimming around the pool, the picnic area, the group area and the office.  Then it was time to get the rock rakes and smooth out the wood chips in the playground.

3 o'clock comes around pretty quickly when you are busy.  By the time we finished raking the playground it was 2:45 pm so we took the golf cart up to the garage to clean it and top off the battery water.  They have this cool filling system where you just attach one end of this device to a hose, and the other to a quick connect under the golf cart seat and then turn on the water.  No need to touch the batteries at all.  That took just a few minutes and it was time to punch the clock to end another work day.

TLE decided to work a little longer so I headed back to the Newell solo, change clothes and drove into town to get a haircut at 'Harbor Barber' (next door to the post office).  Tanya has been living and working in Southwest Harbor for about 7 years now, and if you are a guy who needs a haircut, she is the one to see......

....there was one person ahead of me so I spent a few minutes reading a magazine before my name was called.  Frankly, this was one of the best haircuts I have had since Gardiner, MT!  Thank you Tanya!

Friday our first customers of the season will begin to arrive, and things will get a little busier as we settle into our summer routine.

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