Thursday, May 17, 2018

Getting physical.....

6:13 am - Thursday - May 17th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 47º F, 100% humidity (very, very foggy), wind 9 mph out of the south by southwest....forecast for today is partly cloudy with a high of 68º F.

Wednesday was our first day of work in two months.  I really enjoyed the two months off work, but I am ready to hit the deck running again.  I will be working outside this summer, which is what  missed about our time in Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon.  I reported for work at 9 am as I was instructed.  The skies were clear, and there was no wind....a perfect first day outside!  Everyone else began their work day at 8 am, and that will be my starting time beginning Thursday.  The first week I will work 4 hours a day giving me time to get used to the physical work once again, which I really appreciate.  I do try to stay in shape, but there is really no way to prepare for the physicality of actual campground work other than actually doing it.

Wednesday was kind of an orientation day for me.  I met Todd down at the office to learn how to use their time card system, and then Todd took time to explain the daily routine.  Including Todd and moi, there are five outdoor guys (Steven, Tony and Alex are the other three).  Prior to the beginning of the summer season a week from this Friday we will all be assigned different tasks each day, but once the summer begins we will all be taking care of site cleanup after customers leave, cleaning the one restroom/laundry, taking care of the swimming pool, mowing the grass, and general repair of things that need repairing each day.

On this day I was assigned the task of uncovering the pools (adult and kiddie) and cleaning them.  I'm attaching a file picture from the Smuggler's Den Campground website for perspective as I failed to take any pictures......

Kiddie pool

.....the pool has a shallow end which is 3' deep graduating one foot deeper at a time to the deep end which is 6' deep....the kiddie pool is 1' deep from one end to the other.  There is a slide, but no diving board.  As one might expect, the entire pool area is fenced with a self locking gate.  I spent my entire 4 hours using the long handled net to pull out vegetable matter from both pools, then the long handled brush to brush the sides and bottom of each pool.  Finally, on my hands and knees, I hand scrubbed the faux tile around the top edge of both pools.   On Thursday we will turn on the pool equipment to further filter and clean the water in each pool.  By the time I was done I was ready for a!  One thing I was reminded of while cleaning the pool is that my rib cage is still a little tender from my bicycle accident a little over one month ago....frankly, I had forgotten about it.  TLE spent her four hours with Rain (wife of Todd) learning their campground software, office systems, and walking around the park.  She got home a little before me.  

So, our first day of work is in the books.....I loved working outside again, and am looking forward to a lot of time spent outdoors this summer.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Sounds like it was a great day......Glad you guys are able to ease back into the work schedule. This sure looks like its going to be a great place for you both this summer.


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