Tuesday, May 22, 2018

'Some' assembly required......

6:17 am - Tuesday - May 22nd - Southwest Harbor, ME - 55º F, 52% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the east......cloudy with a forecast high of 62º F.  Rain on the way Wednesday.....90% chance.

Monday was one of those days you compare all other days to for the rest of your life.  It was literally balmy, the skies were clear and blue, the temp was 68º F, and there was a slight breeze.  I stopped often to just breath in the fresh air and enjoy the moment.  The light breeze kept the bugs at bay, which by the way, have not been bothering me at all.  Usually I am the first one who gets bit, but so far zero bites.  

I reported for work at 8 am (my first 6 hour day) to find out that my work partner from Friday, Alex, had broken his arm Saturday while skate boarding, and will be out 6-8 weeks, so Tony and I worked together for the entire day.  Tony retired from correctional work New Jersey a few years ago and moved to Southwest Harbor for his retirement.  Like me, he can't be retired all the time and will be spending his third summer working here at Smuggler's Den Campground.  

We began our day by collecting some treated lumber out near the entrance to the park and transporting it to the 'garage' to be cut to length, and then used to repair half a dozen picnic tables in the campground.  Once Todd finished cutting all the wood, Tony and I took it in the company truck to each table requiring repair, which took the better part of two hours.   Of course, there were power tools involved as we had to drill holes in each board in order to attach them to the picnic tables with carriage bolts.  Then it was time to paint the raw wood BLUE.  Tony and I ended up not just painting the raw wood, but repainting the entire table in each case.

By 11 am (lunch time) we had painted a couple of tables.  We decided to do the final four after lunch.  I headed for the Newell, and Tony headed for his home to have lunch.  We reconvened at the site where we left off and continued painting the rest of the tables, which we finished in about an hour.

 Love this shade of blue!

Then it was time to assemble two of the 7 new BBQ's.  These BBQ's came in large boxes, completely unassembled, and there was no way were were going to put them together without using the instructions.  It took us an hour per BBQ to do the assembly, and that brought us to 3:15 pm, and time to clock out for the day.

Only four more to go

While were working on the picnic tables and BBQ assembly, Todd worked on installing some new pool equipment so he could get the pool running in preparation for Friday, which is our opening day.  Things are gradually coming together and it looks like we will be ready for Friday.  The nice thing is, I am not in charge of anything, so there is no pressure....I am loving it.....if we are ready by Friday, cool......if not, we are not.....I am enjoying being a 'worker bee' once again....I just do what I am told to the best of my ability, and spending no time looking at the calendar......😊

And, thus, another day in Southwest Harbor has come and gone......life is good!  Thanks for stopping by!

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