Sunday, May 27, 2018

It was a good day......

7:13 am - Sunday - May 27th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 51º F, 73% humidity, wind 10 mph out of the east......clear blue skies with a forecast high of 55º F.....quite a bit lower than yesterday's 72º! was 'hot' (72º F....I've told you before.....'hot' is relative), humid (90%) and very little breeze.  I reported for work at 10 am and went right to weeding the front planter.  There were a lot of dandelions and those buggers are tough to get out without breaking off the main root, and if you do that it will most certainly grow back in a few days.  I utilized a small hand trowel to get the entire root out.....if you've ever pulled dandelions you now what I'm talking about.....not my favorite thing, but it's got to be done.  By the time I was done I have a garbage bag full of dying dandelions, and about half a dozen black fly bites.  Black flies.....hmmmm....they draw blood, and leave a big welt.  I will not forget to put on my insect repellent again.

By the way, I forgot to mention I received my SDC staff shirts Friday......

.......I like blue, and these are can see I've already got sweat leaking through my shirt.....a lot of humidity related sweating occurred Saturday.

By the time I finished weeding it was time to do the daily bathroom cleaning.  I joined Steve in this endeavor at 12 noon beginning with the women's restroom.  One hour is allotted to clean each restroom, and I'm sure as we get busier it will take that long, but on Saturday it took about 40 minutes per bathroom.  By the time we finished, and put away our equipment it was 2 pm and time for lunch.  When I went into the office to punch the clock for my lunch break I was pleasantly surprised to find a crab salad sandwich waiting for me made by Rain....she had made sandwiches for all the employees.  Oh, and it was delicious!

After finishing my sandwich I headed up to the Newell to take my traditional post lunch nap, and I needed it.  Since we began working May 16th we have had just one day off work, and after my second 8 hour work day my body is beginning to feel its age.  I napped for 45 minutes, and needed every minute of it.  

The afternoons for me are settling into moving about the campground talking with customers, answering questions, monitoring the pool usage, and just sitting a enjoying the outdoor air.  I decided to take a few pictures during my 'leisure' time......

 The campground is getting quite full

 The cabins

TLE and I both went home at 6 pm to return at 8 pm for the final hour of our day.  TLE wanted to learn how to close from Sam, and I went about my normal routine letting folks in the pool know that the pool would close at 8:30, and then taking a couple of loops around the park to be sure there were no noise 'pockets' I would have to deal with later.....all was quiet.

 Sand and TLE  'closing'

 This lobster tank will be full of live lobsters in a couple of weeks

TLE and I were on our way home just after 9 was a good day at Smuggler's Den....thanks for stopping by!

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