Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Repositioning 101.....

6:41 am - Tuesday - May 1st - London, OH - 46º F, 67% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the southwest......again, clear blue skies with a forecast high of 77º F.   We roll our wheels in 90 minutes!

I left off yesterday's blog post mentioning that our camp host, Ed, was preparing breakfast crepes for us.  They were delicious!  We added strawberry jam,  fresh strawberries and whipped cream.  We each had two, bid our adieus to Ed and Sheba (Jackie was still asleep.....sorry we missed saying goodbye to Jackie!) and then we were walking back to the Newell to shove off and move down the road.....we had a long driving day ahead of us and knew we would lose an hour off our clock within 10 miles, so we needed to get moving.  As it was I think our ETA for our destination was about 3 pm, or later.

Barely had we covered a mile when we got the 5 mile warning from our Garmin Trucker that the Indiana border was coming......

......initially I liked Indiana's version of I-70, but eventually became quite disenchanted.  The road surface itself was fine, but each time we would approach either an underpass, or overpass it would change to this rumbley, rough, uneven concrete surface for about 50 feet before the bridge, and the same afterwards bouncing us around, and then we would return to the nice smooth asphalt and all was well.  This scenario repeated itself 100's of times as we crossed the southern tip of Indiana.....uggghhh!

One thing I had forgotten about driving in the eastern half of the USA is that there are many, many more trees, and often you are driving in what TLE and I affectionately call a 'tree tunnel'......

......which kind of limits your view to just this narrow tunnel down the middle of the road.  Not many big views here.  Eventually the rough roads, and tree tunnels of Indiana gave way to to Ohio......

I never knew this was the motto of Ohio

.....the roads smoothed out, and the tree tunnel ended as we broke into beautiful farmland, and bigger views.  In all we covered about 260 miles on Monday crossing Indiana, and pushing within 30 miles of Columbus, OH.......

We made one stop in Indiana at a Rest Area, and then one more about 76 miles from the end of our driving day in Ohio.  At the second we got dressed and walked 2 full laps around the Rest Area covering about 1.0 mile.....it was a very large Rest Area!

On this day we passed over the 2,000 mile mark on our journey to Maine, and are presently sitting at 2,239 miles driven so far leaving us just under 1,000 miles until we reach Southwest Harbor, ME.  We've got two weeks before we report for work, so we will slow down a little and see some things we haven't seen before.....Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Football Hall of Fame, Baseball Hall of Fame, Niagra Falls, and many, many more cool things!

So, we are a little over 2/3's of the way to repositioning ourselves and our Newell for the summer.  It does not seem as if it has been two weeks since we left the Fontana/Rialto Elks Lodge.

We spent the night at a lovely, out of the way Walmart in London, OH.....it is about 4 miles south of I-70, and was very quiet.  We'll start rolling our wheels in just a few minutes, take on some diesel, or 'pay the rent' as TLE and I often remark, and then head north toward Cleveland where we will pick up I-90, which will take us most of the rest of the way to our destination.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, enjoyed the visit. Until next time ☺

    1. Thank thou so much for your hospitality Ed.....we enjoyed our time with you, Jackie and Sheba!

  2. Geni and I have lived in Ohio on and off for over 40 years and we did not know this was there motto either? Last I heard it was THE BUCKEYE STATE. safe travels! Roscoe

    1. Thank you Roscoe.....looking forward to your report on the Tetons!


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