Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A pause in home improvement......

8:12 am - Tuesday - August 28th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 68º F, 87% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the south by southwest......partly cloudy with a forecast high for today of 74º F.

We knew from the get go that Monday was going to be a warm one, and it delivered big time.....

 It got up to 85º F (↑), but felt like 88º F (↓)

.....we were expecting something in the high 70's, but it got to the mid 80's before it began to cool down once again.  We are so glad we were not working anywhere Monday!  We sat out side at the table reading until almost 2 pm before we were chased inside by the rising temperatures.  We turned on the A/C and it remained 'ON' until almost 7 pm.  

At 3 pm we turned on the TV to watch an English Premier Soccer match between Manchester United F.C. and Tottenham Hot Spurs.  I don't know how many of you followed the World Cup this year, but many of the English players came from Totteham, including one of our favorite players, Harry Kane.  The match remained tied into the second half, but then Tottenham scored two goals in as many minutes around the 51st minute, and added a third for good measure at about the 84th minute.  It was probably the best soccer match we watched in the past week.

Due to the heat I deferred any additional home improvement tasks until this mini heatwave has finished venting its spleen.   I did, however, assist Tony in mowing his lawn.  Since I have amazing, almost magical string trimming skills gained this summer at SDC I offered to do all the string trimming for him so he could just concentrate on mowing....he graciously accepted my offer.  Fortunately I got to the string trimming before it really got warm, and that was my physical activity for the day.  I hope to get back to my home improvement projects by Thursday, or Friday when it cools down once again.

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