Sunday, August 5, 2018

'About Mainers'.......

5:12 am - Sunday - August 5th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 65º F, 99% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the north by northwest.......cloudy, clearing later this morning with a forecast high of 80º F!  Rained most of the's going to be warm AND muggy!

One thing I have noticed about 'Mainers' is they tend to double up on adjectives and adverbs.  For example, instead of saying something is very good, they will say it is good, good.  Or, if they want something to be very clean they will say they want something 'clean, clean'.  It goes across the spectrum.  At first I thought it was just one, or two people I work with, but as we have traveled around MDI I have found that most natives speak this way.  I'm not being critical, or even making fun, but just observing a local tendency. Okay, maybe I am making fun, fun just a little, but in the kindest most loving way possible.  I've asked my 'Mainer' friends about this, and at first they were surprised I asked, but after thinking about it had to agree that they all, at one time, or another have this tendency.

The other thing I have noticed is that there is no one Maine accent.  What kind of accent a 'Mainer' might have depends on whether he is from 'up north', or 'down east' (there is actually a region of Maine called 'down east), and one more region I for which I have forgotten the designation.  I have yet to master the nuances of each accent, so I will not attempt to portray them just yet, but I am working on it you can be sure.

Another thing is that on a two way road they will pass anyone stopped to turn left on the right, if there is room, without hesitation.  It's not that they seem to be in a hurry, because they don't do it quickly; it's just what they do.  In SoCal you would get a ticket all day and all night for doing that.  

A final observation about 'Mainers' is that they are amazingly friendly, helpful, and willing to give you the 'shirt off their back'........we have found that over and over again no matter where we travel in Maine.  In general 'Mainers' are laid back, not in a hurry, and willing to stop their car to let someone turn left in front of them when there is heavy traffic.  That is unheard of in SoCal.

In our almost 7 years of traveling we have been taking notes on places we might think about living if we ever decide to get off the road and live in a sticks and bricks home again.  Maine has been added to that very short list.

Saturday, thank you Jesus, it was cloudy all day, with lower humidity, and very was, but be sure, just a brief respite from several warm days coming our way on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  I still managed to work up a good sweat by the end of the day, but was not quite as tired as I have been on the previous warm days.  As we have come to expect on Saturdays, we had 38 departures, which translates into 38 sites to clean before 3 pm......really before 2 pm as that is what the owners prefer.  We hit the ground running, and by lunch (11 am) we had only 15 to go, or I should 'I' only had 15 to go.....from 12 pm to 2 pm Tammy and Alex cleaned the bathrooms.  I managed to finish the final 15 before 2 pm.

I was home a little after 5 pm taking a cool shower, and awaiting TLE's arrival at 6 pm.  Another day in the books.  Since I must be at work on Sunday's at 7 am to help with the pool, I was in bed a little after 8:30 pm.....I need my beauty rest!

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