Friday, August 17, 2018


7:05 am - Friday - August 17th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 57º F, 95% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the east......clear blue skies....forecast high for today is a measly 66º F.....down from 80º+ F the past two days.  

Thursday was to be the second consecutive day of 80º+ temps, and high humidity, but there was the promise of lowering humidity levels by mid afternoon, as well as cooler days ahead.  Nevertheless, if we wanted to do anything such as hike, or site see on Thursday we best get to it early, but there wasn't anything we really NEEDED to do Thursday except drive into town to Harbor Barber to get my ears lowered, and we could do that anytime, right?

Clean again!

There was one thing, however, that I did want to do Thursday morning and that was to finally clean the bug debris off the front of the Newell that had been there since we arrived in Southwest Harbor back on May 12th.  I can't believe I never cleaned the front of the coach....what kind of a negligent Newell owner am I anyway?  By the time I finished cleaning the front I was quite damp with sweat....time to sit in the A/C for a while!

Finally, around 12:30 pm we decided to drive into town for my monthly haircut.  When I checked in with Tanya there were three people ahead of me, so I knew it would be at least 45 minutes until she was ready for moi.  We walked around town for a while, but then decided to stop in at a local breakfast/lunch/dinner place called 'Sips'....they also have an espresso bar, and A/C.....score!   Additionally, they have free WiFi (unsecured) to which we availed ourselves.....well, actually we 'availed' our smart phones.  We spent about 20 minutes there before it was time to walk across the street to Harbor Barber to get my haircut.

And that, my friends, was the extent of our activities for Thursday....we were home by 1:45 pm, and spent the rest of the afternoon reading.  Finally, about 5:30 pm I ventured outside to find the humidity had dropped significantly, and the temp had dropped dramatically.  We turned off the A/C, opened the windows and went outside to celebrate 'happy hour'.  The evening air was wonderful..........

  Yup, we still have our lobster buoys we sat I could not help but comment to TLE how content I was, and how blessed we were to have such good friends as Tony and Janet who basically rescued us from a bad situation, and made it easy to leave SDC......

......we listened to Siriusly Sinatra on Sirius/XM Rado (channel 71) and watched the sun slowly descend into the western horizon.....what a great way to end the day.  Cooler weather is on the horizon, as well as new adventures....stay tuned!

Oh, and I would be extremely remiss if I did not welcome into the world our 2nd great grandchild.....Jameson Edward, born Thursday, August 16th, to Cynthia (daughter of our oldest son, Chris) and Daniel.......

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