Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A repelling idea......

7:56 am - Wednesday - August 15th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 66º F, 100% humidity (going to be a humid one!), wind 7 mph out of the south....overcast with a forecast high for today of 75º F.

Tuesday we had it in our minds to take a hike, or take a walk at some point during the day.  I spent time in the morning cleaning grime from our Cannondale bikes resulting from our bike ride the day prior on wet gravel.  We've done quite a bit of riding on the Carriage Roads this summer, and even if we had not picked up extra grime this past Monday they would have needed cleaning anyway.  Working on bicycles is something I enjoy, and I never feel put upon when it needs doing.

I spent an hour, or so finishing a book I began reading about two months ago just after we arrived in Southwest Harbor.  Now that I am not working anymore, and therefore am not exhausted at the end of every day I've gotten back to reading.  I tried to read when I was still working, but I so tired I would fall asleep, so I would watch TV to pass the time, instead.

Finally, by 1:30 pm we became motivated enough to get dressed and do a local walk.  Just down SR-102 about 1/2 mile from where we are staying is a fire road called the 'Hio Truck Road'.  Only pedestrians, and bicycles are trucks, cars, or ATV's.  The old fire road runs all the way to Seawall Campground (Acadia National Park), which is right across the street from Seawall Picnic Area.  We arrived, via  a 1/2 mile walk, at the trailhead around 2 pm and proceeded into the forest.  We had been told it was one mile to the campground from the trailhead, but it ended up being 2 miles.  It was another 1 mile walk through the quite large Seawall Campground to the Seawall Picnic Area, which is right on the ocean.

We sat at a picnic table in the picnic area for about 20 minutes watching the fog roll in and out of Southwest Harbor, and then began our 3.5 mile walk home.......

Nicely paved interior roads in the Seawall Campground

.....we came across this gorgeous early 60's GM bus conversion.....just below the 'GM' logo you can see the old Greyhound Bus logo, so I am assuming this conversion served as a Greyhound bus during its first incarnation......

 Entrance to the Hio Truck Road from the Seawall Campground end of the road negative to this walk was we both forgot to apply mosquito repellent prior to beginning our 7 mile round trip walk.  Of course, we thought it was going to be a 3 mile round trip walk.  There was about a mile in the middle of the Hio Truck Road section where the mosquitoes were quite active, and I have the welts this morning to prove it!

 Couldn't get my Strava to work on the walk over to Seawall, but it worked on the way back, so just double everything

We arrived back at the Newell about 4:10 pm mosquito bitten, tired, and sweaty.....TLE took the first shower, and I the second.  Around 5:15 pm I lit the Sea-B-Que once again to grill some boneless chicken breasts with skin.  It took about 20 minutes to grill the chicken once the Sea-B-Que was up to temperature, and we were eating just before 6 pm.

I like that we took off on a 3 mile walk, and kept going even when it dawned upon us that it was much farther......4 miles further....than we expected.  I don't like that I forgot to apply mosquito repellent.....that will not happen again!

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