Saturday, August 29, 2020

Numero 49 - Happy Anniversary to US!

8:05 am - Saturday - August 29th - Coupeville, WA - 54° F, 86% humidity, wind - CALM......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 64° F.  Today is our 49th wedding anniversary!  On this day in 2017 we were at Chico Hot Springs near Yellowstone NP celebrating our 46th anniversary with good friends Roscoe, Geni and of our best anniversary dinners ever.......↴

Left to right: Moi, Roscoe, Geni, Dodge, TLE

On our first date in 1968

I have made it a point to not 'work' more 3 days in a row, but since I wanted to take off on our wedding anniversary Saturday I decided to work a while on Friday.  I knew I only had enough stain to finish covering the bare wood on the fireplace deck so I decided to finish that, and then do some pressure washing.  It took me about 90 minutes to finish the fireplace deck......

 All the bare wood covered now!

....I managed to get about half of the parking area next to the 3 car garage pressure washed before I called it quits around 2 pm.  With each successive day of work I find myself getting less tired, and recovering more quickly.  Now that we will be going back to work the middle of September I'm glad I've had this chance to get back into work form after so many months of relative inactivity.

The weather Friday was so delightful, and the air so clear we decided to walk out to the point and back.....

 High tide in the lagoon

 Another boathouse on Harrington Lagoon

....when we came even with one of the boathouses on Harrington Lagoon we could see the majestic Mt. Baker in the distance.......↴

Zero zoom on my phone camera

 About 1/2 zoom on my phone camera

 Full zoom on my phone camera

.....TLE whipped up one of her amazing taco salads for dinner which I paired with a Moose Drool brew.  While we ate we watched a Netflix movie called 'I see you' starring Helen Hunt.  It was actually pretty good with a very surprising ending.  Netflix and IMDB classify this movie as being of the 'horror' genre, but I would say it is more of a 'suspense, murder mystery' category.

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