Thursday, August 6, 2020


8:14 am - Thursday - August 6th - Coeur d'Alene, ID - 64° F, 75% humidity wind 6 mph out of the south by southwest......heavy cloud cover today with a forecast high of 76° F.....a big relief from all the 90°  days we have had lately.  On this day in 2011 I was in the gondola line at Mammoth Mountain with good friends to ride the aptly named 'Off The Top Trail'......↴

We knew it was going to be another hot one Wednesday, and it was.  Since we have limited space in which to store stuff we usually scan important papers, bills, etc. we get in the mail into my laptop to store them virtually.  We've been a little lazy this past year, and had accumulated about 5" (thick) of paper to scan....over a year's worth of stuff, including all my medical bills going back to my heart attack in May of 2019.  We've been putting it off for obvious reasons......BORING!  TLE suggested we spend part of the day scanning all that paper, and then shredding it to protect the names, and personal information of the innocent.

We keep an HP printer/scanner in the coach for printing, and specifically the task of scanning stuff like this.  The printer is wireless....we use my WiFi hotspot on my phone to connect my laptop with the HP printer/scanner.  We keep it in our bedroom on the shelf behind the bed.  That location works 90% of the time, but when we have a lot to scan it gets a little uncomfortable sitting on the bed and feeding paper into the scanner, so we bring it out to the salon area and set it up opposite my laptop station on the dinning room table.  While TLE operates the scanner I operate the scanning program on my Lenovo laptop.  

Of course, when we scan this much paper the resulting discard pile is rather large, and when we shred it fills up 3-4 plastic this case 4........

 The last shredding bag

The other three bags

.....we carry a home use Fellowes paper shredder in the trailer for this purpose.  When not in use I use the shredding receptacle as a trash can in the trailer, so it serves two purposes.  By the time we finished scanning the pile of paper, and I completed shredding all the evidence it was after 2 pm.   We had turned on the A/C about 12:30 pm at the temps exceeded the forecast 91° F, so we spent the balance of the day reading, and listening to music.

The Fellowes

We were expecting the delivery of an eBay package via FedEx sometime in the afternoon, but as happened two other times with FedEx since the COVID outbreak, the package did not arrive as scheduled, or promised, and FedEx has no idea why.  Since we are scheduled to depart Coeur d'Alene this Friday, August 7th, we may have to have my sister forward the package if and when it finally arrives.  We have had numerous other packages shipped since the beginning of the Wuhan virus outbreak via USPS and UPS and not one problem, but with FedEx it has been a total crap shoot as to whether the package will arrive, or disappear in transit.  Has anyone else had this issue?

If we BBQ it is usually close to 6  pm when I turn on the Sea-B-Que, but it was still pretty hot at 6, so I waited until after 7 pm to grill the beautiful filet mignon TLE had defrosted for the occasion.  This new Sea-B-Que gets hotter faster than the old one, and can maintain a high temp of close to 500° if you wish.  Using TLE's meat thermometer I had the steak up to 128° F in less than 9 minutes....a perfect medium rare!

We continued reading after dinner until after 9:30 pm at which time I retrieved the recorded final installment of American Choppers from our DVR, a two hour show with the two Pauls doing one last motorcycle build together.  It was very interesting.  We were both in bed a little after 11:30 pm.

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