Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sounds of Silence......

8:25 am - Sunday - August 16th - Coupeville, WA - 64° F, 78% humidity, wind - CALM......clear blue skies today with a forecast high of 74° F.   The view this morning, courtesy TLE.....↴

.....on this day in 2016 we were at one of our favorite craft brew places in South Lake Tahoe.....Sidellis....for brews and dinner.......↴

After a couple of weeks living in urban areas (Kalispell, Couer d'Alene), or near major highways (Deer Lodge, Coulee City) where there is always this incessant hum associated with large population areas, or the sound of heavy trucks rolling along at 60+ mph on concrete, or asphalt byways, it was so nice to awake to the 'sounds of silence' here on the outskirts of Coupeville, WA.

After a suitable morning interlude in which I composed my latest ramblings TLE and I set about the creation of our living environment for the next couple of weeks......

.....we haven't had our grass out since way back in Goosenecks State Park in mid May, but it came out again Saturday morning.......

....we set up the cooking station at the front of the Newell, which is in the shade in the morning, and late afternoon.....perfect!  Our Holy Stone drone has also been dormant since our time in Kalispell, MT...... I launched her late morning to give you an aerial perspective of the property upon which we currently reside...... can see the main house in the upper right, then the 3 car garage, then the barn behind which we are parked, and our trailer parked on the other side.  Then there is the water view......

.....down the hill from the main house you can see Harrington Lagoon, and then to the upper left Penn Cove, and beyond that Oak Harbor.  The tide water is flowing into the lagoon, and before long much of the ground you can see separating the lagoon from the ocean will disappear for a while until the tide once again recedes.

Once we had finished setting up our living environment I spent a good deal of time relaxing in the shade reading, and napping.  Of course, there was the drone flying about late morning, which I had to abort after taking only two pictures due to the sudden advent of windy conditions which  caused me to lose control of the drone briefly before I was finally able to land it without incident.

We decided to display our new blue glass margarita glasses in the well lit cabinet with our other drinking apparati (not really the plural of apparatus, but I like the sound of

.....TLE decided to prepare dinner for Bob and Karen using her Cowboy Disc Wok.....Fire Pasta with shrimp (based on a recipe she got from the now closed Peekaboo Bistro in Spokane, WA).  We all convened on our 'lido deck' a little after 6 pm for cocktails, and then dinner.....I neglected to take pictures....doh!  We had a lovely evening talking and watching the sun slowly slip into the western sky.

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