Sunday, August 23, 2020

Phase 2.....

8:07 am - Sunday - August 23rd - Coupeville, WA - 49° F, 90% humidity, wind - CALM......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 65° F.....if you live where it it near, or over 100° F daily, and you know us you will know why we are where we are at.  I love NOT hearing the sound of air conditioning.  I would rather run an electric heater for an hour in the morning, than run A/C at all.

On this day in 2011 we were in Dallas, TX at a college reunion......↴

Saturday it was time to begin Phase 2 of my project.....pressure wash the fireplace deck in preparation for a new application of stain later next week.  It's been about 5 years since this deck, and the deck at the front of the house have had stain applied, and they are in need.  Bob bought this professional grade pressure washer years ago, and I always enjoy getting to use it when we visit.....kind of weird, huh?  It has a very large water tank, as well as a separate tank to heat the water up to 250° F while pumping the heated water at close to 150 psi.....not much can withstand that heat and pressure combination.  I'm pressure washing the two decks before I do the driveway pavement to give the decks time to dry properly before we re-stain them.  In all I worked about 2.5 hours on the fireplace deck, and will get to the front deck on Sunday, or Monday........

 The professional grade Hydro Tek Pressure Washer

.....while pressure washing requires a little less exertion on my part, it still takes energy, and I have been experiencing an increase in my energy levels, and endurance since I began working almost a week ago.  

After finishing my work on the fireplace deck I retired to the Newell for the balance of the day watching most of round three of the Northern Trust Golf Tournament, and enjoying the beautiful view out our front window.  It was too chilly to sit out side for long, which is nice, since that means no A/C is running, right? The temps for the next two weeks will be mostly in the mid 60's, but mostly sunny so hopefully we can spend more time on the 'Lido Deck'.

For our dinner fare I grilled two filet mignons (purchased at Fred Meyers in Couer d'Alene) on the Sea-B-Que, while TLE fired up the Cowboy Disc Wok to sautee some onions, potatoes, and mushrooms as a side for the steaks, which paired nicely with a tomato and avocado salad she had made earlier in the evening.  Utilizing TLE's food thermometer I was able to get the filets to a perfect medium rare once again.

Around 7:15 pm we took a long walk out to the mouth of Harrington Lagoon catching it at another very high tide......

 2 mile walk after dinner...water still rushing into Harrington Lagoon

 Mt. Baker

 Harrington Lagoon at high tide with Mt. Baker in the deep background

.....we got back from our 2 mile walk just in time for TLE to photograph this beautiful sunset.....

TLE got outside in time to catch the sunset

.....being able to spend a couple of weeks on this property overlooking the ocean with our good friends Bob and Karen has really been the 'cherry on top of the sundae' for TLE and I.  After 3.5 months of nomadic wanderings we have at last returned to TLE's favorite place, which is anywhere near the ocean (she grew up in Miami, FL).  The last time we were at the ocean was July 15th when we drove down the hill from Ramona to spend the day in Carlsbad, CA.

On a side note the counter on our blog which counts page views surpassed 1.5 million since I began blogging some 11 years ago......

.....a big thank you to all of our faithful readers for this amazing milestone for us!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. An amazingly beautiful place! Wow!

    Congratulations on 1.5 Million page views!

  2. ......I think I have read every one since you started so many years ago, I'm 75 now and don't travel much or should I say not that far, but have been to most of the places that you travel, I enjoy it