Sunday, December 6, 2009

20 miles north of California border...

World headquarters of Rogue of our favorites!

The Newport dawn saw cold temps, and a brisk wind....dawn being close to 7:30am......I decided to dump the tanks again, and to add fresh water...we were down to 50 gallons. When we move every day I don't hook up to city water....we just leave the water pump on and use our fresh water.....our capacity is 160 gallons, so we can run for a long time off that. My hands, though gloved, were still getting numb....the wind chill was probably down below 20. When we dump the black tank I fill it at least twice with clean water and dump far through two motorhomes we have never had any odor.

I pulled the electrical umbilical cord around 9am, and then eased out of space #44 toward HWY 101 south. Our "plan", which is always fluid, was to drive 176 miles southward to Gold Beach, however, the road was so easy to drive today that we continued on past Gold Beach to Brookings. Brookings, we learned, is also called the "banana belt" of Oregon. Day time temps often reach 70 degrees in the winter. It is a good 15 degrees warmer at this time of night compared to last night in Newport. We are overnighting at Harris State Beach......$18 for full hookups, plus cable TV, and a view of the Oregon coastline. We have 30amps of power, but the pedestal also provides a separate 15amp plug in on a different breaker, so I have plugged that into the engine block warmer enabling us to run both electric heaters inside with 10 amps to spare. They also provide good WiFi for $3,99 per day.....Elaine and I are both using the same account as I blog. Good thing, because my Verizon aircard only gives me 250 megabytes per month....I chose not to keep the unlimited usage and save $15 per month as I rarely use more than the 250, but on this trip I have been using it a lot. Fortunately for me just as I was getting upwards of 220 megabytes around the 2nd of this month the biling cycle ended and I got another 250 megabytes!

The views today were just amazing all day long....we found ourselves "ooohing and aaawing" continuously, and stopping a lot to take pictures. Even with all the stopping we covered just over 200 miles today, and it only took us 5 hours.....5 hours is my driving sweet spot. We mapped out the rest of our trip before leaving Newport this morning. We will travel southward to Arcata, CA tomorrow, then from there down to Willits on Tuesday, and arrive in Napa on Wednesday where we will stay 2 days and do some exploring. We'll leave Napa early Friday and beat it home on I-5....only about 450 miles.

We had our first camp fire of the trip tonight. After I got the fire going I set up the BBQ and grilled a couple of Filets while Elaine whipped up some fried potatos, and a great salad. While the steaks cooked we sat by the fire drinking some more of that great Rogue Brewery Moca Porter. After dinner we sat by the fire with some egg nogg and Kalua, and listened to the best of Johnny Mathis.

Sitting here watching Sunday night football on NBC.....Vikings losing 7-14 to Phoenix in 2nd continues to be good!

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Do you see what I mean about the views? These pictures are mere feeble attempts to capture the beauty of the Oregon coastline. Tomorrow the Redwoods!

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