Saturday, December 5, 2009

On the road again....

Friday night (December 4th) got down to 21 degrees in Jewell, OR.....ouch! That's the kind of temperature where skin sticks to metal. Saturday's dawn revealed another crystal clear day....our fourth clear day in a row. We haven't seen this much blue sky since southern Utah back on November 21st.....can that be true? We've been on the road for 15 days? Man, oh man, let's just stay on the road for a couple more months!

Our tentative plan was to leave Jewell around 10am....I've been trying not to deploy every piece of equipment we own each time we stop for a couple of days, and it really pays off when I can button up the coach in about 25 minutes and be on our way. It was still under 40 degrees when I started up the Detroit Diesel....we left the block warmer on all night, which meant we could only use the gas furnaces to heat the coach and the water bay, or we would go over our 15amp it was we were right at 13 amps most of the night, and I had to turn off the block warmer for 10 minutes to make coffee as that put us up to 17 amps...didnt' want to have to run into the garage to reset the breaker again....I had to do that the first night, because I got a little greedy.

Near Nehalem
Nice little rest stop....
Further down the Oregon Coast

Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, OR

The drive down the Oregon coast through Nehalem, Tillamook, Lincoln, Rockway, Arch Cape, and Depoe Bay was as wonderful as it was the last two times we passed through them over the past 15 years. There are hundreds of interesting little RV parks, shops, antique stores, etc. in these quaint little ocean front towns.

We arrived in Newport, our destination for today, around 3pm, and checked into the Port of Newport RV Park and Marina, and walked over to the world headquarters of Rogue Brewery for dinner, and some great beer....I had a couple of pints of Mocha Porter...what a yummy beer! The picture above was taken right around sunset...the bridge in the background is the Yaquina Bay Bridge. There are dozens of beautiful bridges along the Oregon coast, and this, in my opinion, is the most beautiful of them all.

Right now I am sitting here updating the blog, and watching the Texas v. Nebraska football game...Nebraska is up 6-0 right now, but Texas is driving.

Life gets better and better....Cheers!

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