Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rain again......

Well, our sunny disposition these past 11 days had a wet blanket thrown on it about 12:30pm today.....the rain started as we were exiting HWY 101 in Atascadero to have lunch at an In-&-Out Burger.....our first since the first day of our trip. It has continued to rain steadily, sometimes quite hard, and rains as I type this post at 4:30pm. We were planning to drive no further than San Luis Obispo, but the RV park options are quite limited in that fair city, so we pushed on another 15 miles to one of our favorite coastal cities, Pismo Beach, exiting at HWY 1 and pulling into the first RV park we came to, which ended up being Pismo Coast RV Village Resort, a little pricey at $44, but it's only money....LOL.....we are in a back-in spot right on the lagoon, with a view of the freakin' great is that.?...even with the rain....what a nice last evening in our moving home....we're sitting here listening to "rain on the roof", and watching the angry ocean pound the coastline just a few hundred yards is surely good!

The drive south on HWY 101 was very pleasant....I really prefer travelling 101 as an alternatie to I-5. Easy driving.

We'll have some more of the great Chili Elaine made a few days's been aging for 5 days, and then settle into a little light reading.

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