Saturday, December 12, 2009


I was up before Elaine, as usual...about 6:30am.....the coffee was done brewing, and its seductive aroma drew me to the kitchen. The tide was quite high...waves were breaking just a few feet in front of the coach. I poured a cup of coffee, and sat down to gaze at the sullen gray skies swallowed up at the horizon by the Pacific Ocean. Well, today we will definitely make it home...although there are a couple of RV parks between us and home....but, seriously, we will arrive home today for sure.

The diesel turned over easily and rumbled to life one more time....while the suspension system aired up to ride height I disconnected from the 50amp outlet one more time...the last time for a while. We eased out of site #22 at Faria Park, and climbed the short, steep hill to Rincon Parkway, and then south to merge with HWY 101 once again. As we approached cruising speed it began to would rain every single mile home....fortunately the Saturday morning traffic was very light. We arrived home around Noon, and began to unpack in the rain......BUT it's 55 degrees....that's a heat wave for us!!

The last 22 days on the road living in our motor coach were wonderful. I can say it now.....we had NO mechanical issues....not one single one in over 3,400 miles many of which were travelled in freezing temperatures, even when it was sunny. Tomorrow I will begin to scrub 3 weeks of road grime off the exterior of our moving home, while dreamig of the next "voyage". When I wake up tomorrow morning I will probably be a little disoriented, and wishing we were still on the road.

The trip exceeded our expectations. We were concerened about weather on the Olympic Peninsuala, as well as the Oregon and California coasts, but were blessed to have 11 days of sunshine....who would have thought? Our decision to just make it up as we went worked out well....not one reservation was made. The only change we made was to continue going south past Crescent City on HWY 101, instead of northeast through Grants Pass over to HWY 395 and south along the eastern Sierra Nevada....we had had enough of snow, and sub freezing temperatures....although it was still cold along the California coast, it was pleasant and sunny, even it if was in the 40's most of the time.

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  1. Glad to hear you guys enjoyed your journey! Also happy to hear the Newell is running well...


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