Monday, December 7, 2009

California Dreamin'

The beginning of the Redwoods....

We exited California on November 20th on our journey into the frozen tundra, and re-entered California today, December 7th....Pearl Harbor Day....the "Day of Infamy" always sneeks up on me. Thank you to all those servicemen past and present who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe, and enabling us to lead this amazing lifestyle!

After stowing the portable fire place away in the basement storage we bid fairwell to Harris Beach State Park....a place I plan to spend time at in the future warmer months, and headed into
Brookings in search of fuel....this would be our last chance to get diesel under $3.00 for sometime. We pulled into a Chevron station on the southern edge of town and pumped 80 gallons of diesel at $ price since Idaho Falls. As soon as we crossed the border the price jumped to $3.09, so we saved $24.00!

The great scenery does not respect borders.....

A few miles later we crossed back into California and immediately were directed into a border check station where we were asked if we had any "Christmas trees, or any other kinds of trees on board"...we saw that they had, indeed, confiscated a couple of Christmas trees......apprently it's against the law to smuggle the odd Christmas tree into Caifornia....the only contraband of any interest to the inspectors were the apples we had purchased in Aberdeen, WA, but since they were store bought, no problems.

We stopped at the Safeway in Crescent City to stock up on a few supplies for the rest of the week, and were on our way within 30 minutes.

Originally, we were only going as far as Arcata....about 103 miles, but after about 20 miles of narrow, windy road we were blessed with divided highway all the rest of the way to Eureka, and then again after Eureka, so we continued on to Fortuna, where we are now, courtesy of River Walk RV Park and Campground.....a very nice park, albeit a little "close" WiFi, and grass....sites could be a little more level, though.

Our day was over before 2pm.......both of us needed to do some "work" know, that stuff that results in money being deposited into your checking account a couple of times a month. It is going to be cold here tonight....around 24 degrees.....yup, the block heater has been on since we docked.

"red sky at night....sailor's delight"

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