Saturday, December 5, 2009

Layover day....

Yesterday we had no where to be, or to go. Our plan is/was to stay in Jewell for 2 nights, so Elaine went into her friend's home to do her conference call, while I cleaned 10 days of road gunk off the Cannondale bikes so we could take a ride later that day. I had bought some mineral spirits the day before at the Home Depot in Warrenton, OR to clean the gunk and rust off the chains, plus some throw away rags to wipe the bikes down....they were filthy, and it took me close to 2 hours to clean them up and ready them for the ride (clean and lube chains, air up the tires, adjust brakes, mirrors, and re-install the bike bags (handlebar and trunk bags).

By this time it was close to Noon, and the temperatures were up to the high 40's. Our riding planwas to head north on HWY 103 toward the actual center of Jewell, about 7 miles north.
The clouds were allowing sunshine to break through, and there was no wind! We both had on thermal, long sleeved riding shirts, vests, and windshells as well a full finger gloves, and we needed all that!

Elaine, all bundled up against the cold!

I love old barns......

We ended up doing about 15 miles, and throughly enjoyed the countryside. By the end of our ride the clouds had almost disappeared. I got up to just over 50 degrees by the end of the ride. We arrived back at the Newell and Elaine made some great tomato soup, and I poured a tall Youngs Chocolate Stout (beer) to chase the soup.

Later that evening we went out to dinner in Cannon Beach (about 30 miles west, right on the coast....home to the famous "Haystack Rock") at a place called the Lumber Yard ( There was a local band called the Floating Glass Balls ( entertained us with what they call "Beach Grass"....not Blue Grass. The ensemble consisted of a violin, acoustic guitar, mandolin, large acoustic base, and what sounded like a steel guitar, but looked like a guitar with a large chromed metal disc just below the neck. Anyway, it was very entertaining. We stayed through the first set, and then headed back to Jewell.

The steel guitar like instrument is the one in the lower left of this picture

In a couple of hous we'll fire up the 6V92 Detroit Diesel and head south to at least Newport, OR.

Life is good........


  1. I think the guitar was probably a Dobro or resonator guitar.
    Does this look like it?

  2. That is exactly what it looks like. You are good!


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