Saturday, December 12, 2009 more day on the road....

Friday morning at Pismo Coast Village

We left Pismo Beach around 9am and headed headed south on HWY 101, our last day on the road...about 248 miles to go. It rained on and off most of the night, but morning provided just heavy overcast, that is until I decided to dump the tanks one more time....then it started raining! The driving was mostly dry roads, and great views even with the heavy overcast. Around 11:30am we were approaching Rincon Parkway, just north of Ventura, CA and decided to exit to take a break, and make some sandwhiches, plus Elaine had a conference call in which she wanted to participate. While she started her conference call I walked down to Faria Park...a small county run RV park with full hookups....maybe a dozen sites right on the ocean....I mean 30 feet from the waves....I saw that there were about 8 spots open on a Friday....must be because of the weather. Elaine was just wrapping up her call when I got back.....I said...."you know, there really is no compelling reason why we have to be home on Friday....why not snag one of the open spots in Faria and spend the afternoon, and night?" Of course, she agreed, so we have stretched our trip 24 more hours. About the time we finished setting up it started raining, and I mean raining stopped about 30 minutes later and we had a little sun showing itself, so we took a walk north along the beach.

"We're just stopping for a snack...."

Snagged a spot!

Taking a walk while the sun is shinning!

Our view out the front windshield

After our walk it began to rain again, and rained most of the was great waking up during the night and hearing the rain on the roof.....very soothing. We spent a few hours reading, and hit the sack around 11pm......only 128 miles home!

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