Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jewell of Oregon....

Over night temps dipped to 29 in Raymond, cloud cover results in really cold temps! I checked the oil before starting up the 6V92, and need to add a couple of, oil that has been sitting at 29 all night (the resevoir) does not flow very fast....had to borrow Elaine's hair dryer to heat up the oil in the resevoir so it would drain into the engine faster. Left around 8:30am and pointed the coach southbound on HWY 101.

Our goal today was about 97 miles down the road to Jewell, OR.....about 25 miles directly east from Canon Beach on HWY 26. Elaine has a work friend who lives in Jewell, and has offered courtesy parking with 15 amps of juice. Below are some pictures of the space I shoehorned the Newell into today. Sometimes I even amaze myself....LOL!

Eventually we came to the Astoria-Megler Bridge, which is 21,474' long, and is the longest continuous truss bridge in North I didn't know that, but I do have a computer and looked it! There is one lane of traffic each direction....when the wind is blowing, and it was today, it is a struggle to keep your vehicle from hitting the wall. The coach was leaning heavily to the passenger side.

The Columbia River on the right and left...

Picture courtesy of the Internet....

View from the highest point of the bridge

We are snug and dry in Jewell, OR and looking forward to a couple more sunny days!


  1. Holy God. That bridge photo terrorized me.

    Your idea of 'fit' with regard to parking is...hmmm... conceptually generous.

  2. I was not looking forward to crossing the bridge today, and am not sure I would have done it a year ago, but compared to the Washington Ferries, it was "roomy".

    On the parking......hahaha!!!


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