Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back to regularly scheduled programming.....

"I'll take an iced cappuccino please...."

We have a trailer full of bikes and yet so far on this trip we have ridden our bikes two times while we were in Indio, CA once, and then in Mesa, AZ. So, today we got out the tandem and took a ride out Farm to Market 344 toward Teaselville where our niece, Maryon, owns a coffee shop called Deep South Coffee House. We stopped off there to get a couple of Cappuccino's and then rode on to Elaine's brother's place of business called Accu-Log, Inc. The air temperature got up to 81 today with a little East Texas humidity mixed in for good measure. The first 6 miles we fought a mild headwind, but after Teaselville it calmed down. FM344 was recently repaved, and it was a pleasure to pound out 20 miles on that road. We got back home around 1:30pm, and had lunch on the patio. Just another nice day!

Tomorrow is delivery day for our new replacement Detroit Diesel water pump. Tomorrow morning we will drive over to Longview to Stewart and Stephenson, a distributor for Power Cool Coolant, to by 12 gallons of new coolant to mix with 12 gallons of distilled water to replace the old coolant. Power Cool is designed specifically for 2 stroke diesel engines which is what our Series 92 6V92 Detroit Diesel is. We'll spend the weekend here and then head for Austin, TX to visit more family and friends. After that we are off to Corpus Christi to start our tour of the Gulf Coast all the way over to the Florida Panhandle.

Also, tomorrow we are supposed to receive the correct decorative door panels for our Dometic Classic refrigerator. I hope I will be able to give CampingWorld a compliment this time tomorrow evening.

About 8 years ago when we belonged to a riding group I helped my sister-in-law get a bike, and got her set up to ride with us, which she did pretty regularly until she moved to East Texas. Since then her KHS bike has been sitting in her garage gathering dust. Well today she ask if I would tune it up for her so she could start riding again. Of course I agreed, because I love working on my bikes, or anyone's bikes. Surprisingly her bike was in pretty good just needed to be washed off, and cleaned up. Took about 45 minutes and it looked brand new again, and rode great. Always glad to bring a bike back to life.

That's another day in the books.....thanks for stopping by!

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